Quoth The Raven: Gimme Back My BMW!

Bernard Pierce Ravens

Say what you want about Philadelphia; we’re an equal opportunity haven of criminals.

A former Temple University All-American running back, who helped lead the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl, was the victim of crime in Philadelphia. Sources confirm that Bernard Pierce was robbed at gunpoint Sunday evening along the 7500 block of Haverford Avenue. His BMW was also stolen.

Pierce and a male companion were shaken, but were not injured during the robbery.

Sources say a gunman jumped from a car while his accomplice remained behind the wheel and robbed Pierce and his companion, then stole the vehicle. The car was recovered in another part of the city and taken to the police garage, where it was carefully processed for any possible evidence that might lead to a suspect.

I feel badly for the carjackers, because once Ray Lewis finds out about this, those guys’ tickets are stabbed punched.

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