Erie: Pennsylvania’s D-Student

Erie Police DepartmentAn Erie man was robbed by two men who wanted to safely go “fifteen miles on the Erie Canal.”

Emergency dispatchers say a northwestern Pennsylvania man reported being robbed at knifepoint by two men who took only a condom from the victim.

The Erie Times-News reports the incident happened about 10:30 p.m. on the city’s East Side. Erie County emergency dispatchers confirmed the report, but offered no additional details.

In fairness, the robbers were trying to prevent another Mistake by the Lake.

6 thoughts on “Erie: Pennsylvania’s D-Student

  1. Robert B.

    In other crime news, NYC edition:

    “Wiener rises in polls due to women’s interest on his upright standing on issues.”

    (Possible NYT headline.)

  2. Jim Scrummy

    Erie, PA…the early hometown of Ma and Pa Scrummy, they left almost 50 years ago, and have never moved back (best thing they ever did for my sis and me). I spent a summer, actually 40 years ago this year, in Erie. I remember Erie being a big brawny industrial town and my maternal grandfather owned a true working class bar across the street from an industrial plant. The last time I was there, Sept. 2010, was a sad occasion, to bury my uncle. I remember driving from the funeral home to the church (on the West Side), and seeing how run down Erie had become since my youth. Sad, but that’s what happens when the dhimmis control the politics, cities become cesspools. I have two cousins who are part of the dhimmi machine in Erie, who are clueless as to why Erie is now an s-hole. Plus the unions helped in the destruction of the industrial base.

    It doesn’t surprise me that the perps were stoopid, most are from the craptacular Erie School District.

      1. Jim Scrummy

        So true. My parents use to go back twice a year to visit friends and family, but they may get there once this year. I’d like to take a trip to visit in the fall, plus do a little huntin’ with my cousins (not the dhimmis). My wife calls Erie, “the land that time forgot”.

  3. RickR

    I escaped from Erie 40 years ago and have no desire to return to “Dreary Erie, the circus that never left town.” Fall is nice for hunting but the winters can be a challenge.


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