Baby You Can Park My Car

Jackass Driver

So yesterday I had to make a run to Lowe’s for a new hose nozzle, PVC end cap, and spackling. (The last item was because Captain America helped me put my mounted TV wires behind the wall.) Any hoo, I pulled into a parking lot at the shopping center and saw the above atrocity.

Some a-hole parked his older model, dinged up, Nissan POS inside four – yes, FOUR – consecutive parking spaces. Judging from the looks of the car – and I stared it for a long while before walking away – its interior most likely reeked of bleach, weed, and shame. I assume the owner stopped at Lowe’s to pick up some duct tape, zip ties, chloroform, stain remover, and a King’s Crown air freshener.

I posted this pic on Twitter yesterday, and Sally Anne had the best response: “Vaseline on the windshield and dog sh*t on the doorhandles should fix it.”

Sadly, I was out of both, so I simply cut the guy’s brake line. /kidding

7 thoughts on “Baby You Can Park My Car

  1. metoo

    Saw a similar thing here on campus involving a Prius. However, Karma paid the guy a visit later in the day when he couldn’t garner enough power out of the thing to remove the moisture off his interior front windshield.

  2. Bob G.

    I confess to having done that a few times a long time ago…BUT, my car was BRAND NEW andI ALWAYS parked FAR “from the mading crowd”…not near anyone.
    To have that POS pull this crap would warrant an impromptu “move” by the bumper iof a freind’s pickup…lol.
    Stay safe.


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