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Homer SImpson's BrainWow, I haven’t brought out this meme in years, but I figured it was applicable today.

Look, I realize the non-stop Benghazi coverage is becoming tedious, but I think the topic is important – even if the MSM does not. As such, I wanted to mention a story related to something I said in the comments of the post below.

I’ve been a police officer for almost 19 years. Eleven of those years were spent in patrol. When asked why help was never sent to the Benghazi compound the night on September 11th, the Obama administration gave this bullshit excuses: the help would not get there in time to save Ambassador Stevens.

So they simply refused to send a rescue team?

I imagine there are people who actually buy in to this premise, so I’ll direct this question to them. If the police cannot respond in time to stop a residential burglary or catch a murderer in the act, should we simply disregard the call? By this administration’s logic, what’s the point of responding if we cannot get there until after the fact?

There is another troubling aspect to these hearings. While Doherty and Woods were fighting for their lives against an al Qaeda mortar team, a stand-down order was issued. When did America become the country that leaves its heroes to die? Clinton didn’t do that in Mogadishu, and even Carter sent a rescue team to try and free the Iranian hostages.

Barack Obama? Not so much.

During my police career, I have worked with a lot of people I couldn’t stand. I didn’t talk to them, didn’t associate with them in any way. But you know, when they called for an assist or asked for backup, I was always one of the first people riding in.

Because that’s what people in my profession – and in the military – do. We back each other up because often times no one else will.

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  1. realwest

    Hi Wyatt! You said: “Because that’s what people in my profession – and in the military – do. We back each other up because often times no one else will.”

    And that is the absolute 100% truth. I’ve seen soldiers in combat risk their lives to go through fire to drag the dead bodies of their brothers to the chopper evac.

    I’m sad to say that this, apparently, is no longer true when we have Obama as POTUS. Indeed if it were up to Hillary she would have done the same thing – she despises men in uniform. So much so that when Bill took office she INSISTED that the U.S. Marines who stand guard at the WH dress in civilian clothing. The Commandant of the Corps refused (and had some words with Bill) and Bill told Hillary to shut up. No joke, one of my friends was on that White House guard detail at the time.

    What the hell ever happened to Duty, Honor, Country – our troops, Law Enforcement, First Responder and Veterans ALL understand this.

    But the Progressives never have and never will.

  2. Ingineer66

    The story that backup could not get there in time has always been BS. They sent a second drone that arrived on station to replace the first one that was running low on fuel. A predator drone does not fly fast, certainly not as fast as a C-130. They could have got help from teams in Tripoli, Italy, Spain or other places during the attack.

    1. Jim Scrummy

      Great point. Benghazi is about 400 miles and change (as the crow flies) from Tripoli. A C-130 has a cruise speed of about 360 mph. Flying time of 1.5 hours, roughly. Now, supposedly (and I may be wrong) I remember reading that an AC-130 gunship was sitting on the ramp at Sigonella Naval Air Station, in Sicily. Sigonella is about 470 miles from Benghazi. The AC-130 flies a bit slower, with a cruise speed of 300 mph, which would put them on station in about 2 hours flying time. Would this made a difference in the firefight…yep. Ask any infantryman, if they like seeing extra shooters (the SF guys) or an AC-130 in a gunfight, when they are outnumbered.

  3. Jim Scrummy

    I’d love to see the SF 0-5 testify as to who gave him the stand down order, twice. Maybe the 0-5 should’ve said F-it and went? But that would be MMQBing, I wasn’t there, and he was following orders. Great point on Carter, even though I don’t personally dig the guy, he did order the rescue mission. What’s really amazing is some of the rescue missions performed during the Viet Nam War, with downed pilots, in extreme hostile territory. Yet, gutsy call and his minions get a pass for doing nothing other than arresting some guy for a youtube video. I don’t know this country anymore. Or maybe I’m a dinosaur, who believes in never leaving anyone behind.

  4. Ingineer66

    Another ironic thing this week. The new ambassador said that if she was concerned about security that she would call Washington right away. The previous ambassador called DC and look what good it did him.

  5. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Real – The SPEC-OPS wanted to go, and were denied. I’d like to know the reason why.

    Ingineer66 – If I heard correctly yesterday, a team from Tripoli would have taken an hour to get to Benghazi. An hour.

    Jim – I thought I heard an hour away, but I may be wrong on that. As far as the “gusty call,” to get bin Laden – that decision took Obama 16 hours to make. He slept on it. Seriously.

    He took all sorts of credit for that decision, but is amazingly silent on this one. I wonder why that is?

    Ingineer66 – “Please stay on the line. Your call is very important to us.”

  6. Jon Brooks

    I personally believe that Stevens at the conclusion of the guns for syria deal was to be taken hostage by the rebels (an unholy mix of al-kinda and moose brotherhood) and held till the blind sheik was released. The brokered deal of exchange which would have been run by shillary and would make her and her boss look good, and his buds the mooselimb brotherhood get their sheik back. The two ex-seals didn’t get the memo or weren’t cc’d on the email and surely wouldn’t have gone along with it even if they had been. So a few jihadis get their heads blown off by guys who enjoy blowing off jihadi heads so the jihadis call for back up a couple hours later and get it, our guys call for backup and don’t.
    The treasonous POS in Washington needs to think of something fast to cover this up and picks this whacked story of a video because they are out of time and basically dumb. It just sounds like something a liberal idiot would do.

  7. Rick Street

    The police are always ready to saddle up to help not matter what.
    Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.

    John Wayne

    This defines the police and military

  8. Robert B.

    “The buck stops here” was the philosophy of Harry Truman, the last decent democrat President we had. Obama and the media are still trying to figure out a way to blame Bush for this fiasco.

  9. formwiz

    A rescue would have meant an explanation of why we had Al Qaeda guarding the consulate and why Stevens was there.

    And, yes, good cops and soldiers have always done it – the 1st Cav lifing the siege of Khe Sanh, the British Army sending 2 outfits to lift the siege of Delhi are a couple of good examples.

    This thing smelled from Day One and the cherry on the cake was the news Choom went to bed after a few minutes so he could look Awesome for his Vegas fundraiser the next day.


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