The Restaurant So Nice They Named It Twice

Bacon Bacon restaurant

If you haven’t visited Bacon Bacon… don’t bother now. The greatest restaurant on Earth was forced to close.

A restaurant called Bacon Bacon has been forced to close… over complaints about the overwhelming smell of the bacon. Following failed negotiations with neighbors over concerns, the small San Francisco eatery closed on Friday.

The owners apparently had months to address the “porcine aroma” and “grease disposal” issues but failed to do so reported the San Francisco Examiner.

Figures. Only a-holes from San Francisco would complain about the smell of bacon.

9 thoughts on “The Restaurant So Nice They Named It Twice

  1. Dr. Evil

    Just another reason charges should be set in Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona to blow California off and adrift into the Pacific Ocean. Screw ‘em.

    1. MelP

      Just certain parts (SF & LA & all points along the coast in between), leave the rest of us alone. But the only way this would work is if it happened while everyone was asleep or stoned & none of the fleas could leave the twitching body.

  2. Bob G.

    Gee, with the GREAT fire and assotrted RIOTS in Frisco over the decades, you’d think the libtards there would BE USED to stuff burning…lol.

    Stay safe.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Dr. Evil – Superman: The Movie, baby!

    MelP – FINE! We’ll fly you out beforehand.

    Fenway – Body Odor, or Barack Obama?

    Jon – And Canadian bacon is no substitute.

    Doc – Fatwa on the foodies!

    Smite – They need a good smiting.

    Jim – It’s Un-American, I tell ya!

    Bob G – And bacon smells better than dumpsters.


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