KFC: It’s Finger Choppin’ Good

Tunnel Smuggling KFC

Forget armaments and medical supplies. Kentucky Fried Chicken is making many Gazans yell, “Allahu Snack Box!”

A courier business based in Gaza is apparently offering an ambitious service to deliver smuggled orders of Kentucky Friend Chicken from Egypt via underground tunnels. According to the company’s ads on Facebook, Gazans can get a taste of the “finger-lickin good” stuff for 100 shekels ($30 USD, triple the usual price) within 3 hours of placing the order. Fried chicken is only the latest addition to a long list of supplies and products that are being transported through the network of tunnels, which serves as a vital lifeline between Egypt and the Hamas-controlled region that is currently under an Israeli blockade.

If the Mossad is as good as I think it is, their agents would infiltrate the Egyptian KFC and sneak a few of these into the terrorists’ orders.

9 thoughts on “KFC: It’s Finger Choppin’ Good

  1. Dr. Evil

    Awesome. Fast Food smuggling. I’m waiting for the first Taco Bell Drug Mule. That cavity search will STINK!

    Oh, and JOATED: Burger King will have a McRib-esque Sandwich this summer!

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Old NFO – I guess they’re getting tired of olives.

    Jon – Lalalalalalalalala! (Jihad scream)

    Joated – The McRib; McDonald’s D-student.

    John D – Israel doesn’t want them to make a run for the border.

    Jim – They believe in a god other than Allah, I suppose.

    Dr. Evil – How did I know you would mention that?


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