Stomp The Blowhard

Deandre PooleMeet Deandre Poole. Poole is a professor at Florida Atlantic University, and despite the tough-guy photo, he is a sniveling coward.

Poole is also a representative of everything that is wrong with the American education system today.

A professor at FAU Davie campus named Deandre Poole teaches an “Intercultural Communication” class from a textbook by the same name. The textbook calls for an exercise where students write the name of Jesus in large letters on a piece of paper and then stomp on it.

Enter Ryan Rotela, a student in the class who happens to be a devout Mormon. Rotela refused to stomp and complained to Professor Poole, telling him, “Never do the assignment again because it’s offensive.” Rotela also told the professor that he was going to complain to the university. Then, according to Rotela, FAU responded by suspending him from Poole’s class.

Shortly after, it was first reported by a local Palm Beach County website called Biz Pac Review that Professor Poole is vice-chairman of the Democratic Party of Palm Beach County.

Of course he is. I am so sick and tired of the Christianity bashing so prevalent in America today…

On Friday, the university issued an “apology.” Then yesterday, this happened:

A Florida Atlantic University student who filed a complaint against his professor after he was ordered to stomp on the name of Jesus has been brought up on academic charges by the school and may no longer attend class, according to documents obtained by Fox News. (H/TAce)

When this country was truly great, both Poole and Florida Atlantic University would be publicly shunned into obscurity and bankruptcy. The problem is, this country is no longer truly great. Liberals and academics (but I repeat myself) are destroying the America I used to know.

If Poole was really a true believer, he would also do the exercise using Mohammad’s name. But he won’t, because he’s a pussy. It’s easy to pick on a religion that doesn’t fight back, isn’t it, Deandre?

17 thoughts on “Stomp The Blowhard

  1. loaded dice in vegas

    Another BS “Prof”, a BS “course” and a BS “textbook” in our wonderful world of higher education.

    A couple of questions come to mind, what is the department that this course is under? What is the academic experience and degree of the “Professor”?

    We continue the Dumbing Down of the American college degree.

  2. Jay

    Poole the fool.
    Full praise to the student for sticking to his guns. If only the rest of the students had some backbone and followed his example.

  3. Jon Brooks

    I’m with Old NFO. I’d have written moehamhead and the horse he rode in on..buraq (which is pronounced as barack). Or better yet I would have just raised my hand in the class and asked the prof what was important to him and told him I’d write that to stomp on if it was okay with him, afterall in liberalism its the thought that counts.

  4. John A


    The use of “Jesus” was straight from the textbook. But note, “most” students were expected to refuse by the authors, perhaps because they are themselves Christian and would refuse.

    Did the prof, contary to the textbook’s outline, insist on the stomping? That would be wrong in a number of ways, even the prof being anti-Christian. And a Moslem would be bound not to do it, because despite the anti-Jew teachings of the Koran it excepts the likes of Moses and Jesus (and of course Abraham, who they feel was Islamic?) because they were “Prophets of Allah.” Or did the student when asked why he refused not only answer “out of respect: perhaps something else should be used” but with threats? This is apparently what the U thinks happened, and it should be discouraged/punishable.

    In other words, this does not seem to be a simple case of anti-Christianity from what has so far been reported. Until we know whether threats were made by either side, I’ll hold off.

  5. proof

    “The use of “Jesus” was straight from the textbook. ” Irrelevant. Some professors use textbooks they themselves have written. The fact that it was used in a college course doesn’t make it Plato’s Republic.

  6. Dr. Evil

    I had plenty of readings with the “N word” in them, that doesn’t mean it should be used in a higher education learning exercise.

  7. Jim Scrummy

    Sounds like some BS lib arts course. I took my fair share of lib arts courses, mostly in history. Didn’t waste my time on this touchy feely stuff. I guess dissent is only appropriate if a dhimmi approves of it.

    As I have found throughout life, the posers are exposed, eventually. Unfortunately, some posers have better marketing such as zero.

    1. Ranba Ral

      Actually, sounds more like something you’d get in a Sociology (Sociology, Ethnic Studies) or Political Science class -and maybe a history class, but that’s less common- run by anyone younger than 55.

  8. L Frame S&W

    OK, as an atheist I still think this is wrong on so many levels.
    I don’t care what you choose to believe in, it’s your personal relationship between you and whichever deity you choose to worship, however, when you try to impose your chosen deity into my government, then I have an issue with it. I have just as much issue with sharia law as I have with American christians trying to force their beliefs upon others, via legislation.


  9. metoo

    Congrats to Ryan for speaking up and refusing to do this insane project. As someone who works in academia, it’s hard to stand up to someone who holds your grades and your future in their hands. I’m sure the professor has tenure and is virtually bullet-proof but he’s still a horse’s patoot.

  10. proof

    Take religion out of the equation. Suppose he had given the students pictures of kittens, or the Sandy Hook victims or Martin Luther King and told them to stomp on them? Have them stomp on the words “bigotry” or “intolerance”, but to have them stomp on the name of any human being, alive or dead, is to invite sociopathic behavior. Do all certified sociopaths get an A at the end of his course?


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