Only Imperial Bakers Are This Precise

Jawa Birthday CakeOf all the cool characters in the Star Wars universe, my son Erik loves Jawas most of all. So it would figure that I’d see this Jawa cake two months after his birthday.

Hide your droids and your money. Here comes one of those pesky Jawas. Oh wait, this cute little guy is just a birthday cake. Isn’t he adorable? At least this guy won’t try to swindle you and try to sell you a droid with a bad motivator.

Flickr contributor Fat Tony’s wife baked this Jawa birthday cake for their friend’s daughter’s birthday.

This chocolate cake is enrobed in chocolate fondant has light up eyes made from mini party light LEDs bought from the craft store. At least your droids would be safe with this guy, though your waistline might not be.

Now, I’m sure it’s delicious, but I’d feel guilty eating something this unique. Phrasing!

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