Fatal Beauty

Miss Israel Contestants IDF Soldiers

I’m pretty sure the Miss Israel contestants can kick the asses of the Miss America contestants; both physically, and aesthetically.

Six of 20 nominees for this years’ Miss Israel pageant are IDF soldiers.

Second Sgt. Zoe Rousal is even more candid about what the competition means to her. “It doesn’t matter how much s— our country has to eat, every year there will always be a pageant,” she says. “It’s a change from all the wars and the problems.”

The armed forces’ women have been good PR for Israel. The United States and other countries have looked to the IDF to understand how women take over positions that once were considered off limits.

One Home Front commander completed the traditional and rugged beret march – while seven months pregnant. (H/T – Rick)

Oh, please. I once played World of Tanks for three hours while suffering from a hangnail!

7 thoughts on “Fatal Beauty

  1. DocRambo

    Wouldn’t compulsory military service be a boon to this country? Educate every trainee in the real world, and turn them into more self sufficient citizens.

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  4. Jim Scrummy

    Let’s see: Hawt, smart, physically tough, mentally tough, and can shoot an M4 or Galil or Tavor rifle (and probably a Glock or Jericho 941 pistol) accurately… What’s not to like with these young women? It’s the model I am using for my kids, so they can be self-sufficient and rely on themselves. Hopefully, understanding that liberty and freedom can be taken from you by anyone, leading to tyranny.


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