Christina’s Back!

Christina Hendricks Blue Satin Dress

Is, sadly, not as mesmerizing as her front. Although the rest of her was on display during a pre-season photo shoot. You’re welcome.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Mad Men to their small screens when season six kicks off next month. But there’s no doubt the excitement about next season will reach fever pitch following the release of new images to promote the show.

In particular, the drama’s female leads look stunning as they return to the roles that made them household names. Christina Hendricks shows off her hourglass figure as she poses as Joan Harris in a form-fitting blue satin dress with beaded detailing.

Yeah, they had me at “form-fitting.” Sigh, I should’ve been a tailor.

13 thoughts on “Christina’s Back!

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Mmmmm. After Ms. Hendricks, I could stare at Ms. Pare too and… Even though she’s French Canadian, I won’t hold it against her, at all. I am an “International Man of Mystery”?

  2. realwest

    Well all I can say is THANKS for this thread and the photo(s including those at the link). You sure know how to lift a guy’s, uh, spirits this morning!!!

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