A Rolling Zombie Gathers No Moss

demeter_zombie_perfumesZombies are the hottest commodity this side of naked pictures of Bea Arthur. A fragrance company is now capitalizing on the niche.

Fragrance company Demeter makes the most of what was relatively a small niche of specialized fragrances. Their latest offerings are these zombie scented perfumes for men and women.

The Zombie for Him fragrance is formulated with the scent of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, moss, and earth. In short, you’ll smell like a decomposing corpse once you spray this on. Zombie for Her is a “A slightly lighter version of the Men’s fragrance with a touch of Dregs from the bottom of the wine barrel for that feminine touch.”

A 1 oz. spray sells for $20, while the 4 oz. bottle sells for $39.50. Since they’re only going to be available through April 30, you might want to stock up for the zombie apocalypse.

I’d run out and get this, but people tell me I already smell like death.

4 thoughts on “A Rolling Zombie Gathers No Moss

  1. docrambo

    Shame they couldn’t have added a little cadaverine–worst smelling stuff in the world. Someone spilled some at UNC when I was there, and you could smell it for two miles. But then you’d know the zombies were coming.

  2. Wes S.

    You know, I figured that the whole zombie thing had epically jumped the shark when zombie-themed ammunition (Hornady’s Zombie Max) and antizombie pepper spray started showing up at sporting goods stores.

    Zombie perfume? That’s more like shark hurdles…


    Face, meet palm. Palm, meet face.


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