Yes, I’ll Have More Morena

Morena Baccarin GQ ShootMeet Morena Baccarin. Morena is one of the stars of Showtime’s Homeland, which also stars Damian Lewis, who played Lt. Dick Winters in Band of Brothers.

Of course, we nerds remember her as Anna from ABC’s V.

Now, Morena is getting noticed for her more superficial qualities.

She has enjoyed a career revival playing Jessica Brody, the long-suffering wife of Congressman Nicholas Brody, in Homeland.

But Morena Baccarin has revealed that she has no idea how long she will be staying in the show, adding that ‘no-one is safe’ from the wrath of the writers’ pens. Morena, 33, made the admission as she stripped off and posed in little more than lingerie for a sultry new shoot in GQ magazine.

Morena went on to say she always wanted to be a Bond girl. I shall call her “Chesty Galore.”

11 thoughts on “Yes, I’ll Have More Morena

  1. John D

    What USAdmiral said. You really need to check out FIREFLY, Wyatt. Not only does it have Morena, but two episodes feature guest-star Christina Hendricks.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    USAdmiral – How did I miss the Firefly role?

    John D – I’m well aware of the screencaps. :)

    Jim – Total package.

    Toothy – Agreed on both! TSCC was a terrific series.

    Sully – Joy-gasm!

    Veeshir – Well played, sir/

  3. Bob G.

    Hell, she’s just one more reason I watched FIREFLY…in between those 2 Christina eps…
    Also, “V” was a good show for her as was the last Stargate SG-1 seasons.

    She is REAL easy on the eyes….and totally bunk-worthy!

    Roll safe out there.


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