True Detective Stories

City Heaters Not WorkingThis is a photo of the division’s wall clock. I took it yesterday. Notice the temperature in the bottom right corner: 65 degrees.

(For the record, the 65 reading is misleading. It was much colder in the building than that.)

Is the city trying to save some money? Hardly. The problem is the building’s heat was on the fritz on the day after a snowstorm.

Did the city send out some technicians to fix the problem? No, because the shiftless, lazy union techs don’t work on weekends. So my entire squad sat at their desks wearing their jackets and, in some cases, gloves all day.

Personally, I think this photo perfectly encapsulates the city’s attitude toward its employees.

10 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Ingineer66

    And many public employees don’t understand why politicians want to contract out their services. If the techs don’t want to provide the service they should then they should get laid off and replaced by a company that actually shows up when called.

  2. Jenn

    So needy. You want heat now, then will complain that it’s too warm in 6 months when it’s fixed. What’s next, you want no murders? TP in the bathrooms? Respect? Silly plebe.

  3. Buckaroo

    Been there. Worked for a municipal government for nearly 25 years. The first year there in the month of December the heater went out for three days. The memo said, “just dress warm”. So easy to say! LOL In the heat of the summer they would shut off the A/C on the weekend to save $$$. When you came to work on Monday, it was an oven and it took nearly all morning to get some cool air.

  4. loaded dice in vegas

    Back in the 80′s a new CPD 5th Area HQ and District station (25th) was built on an old auto junkyard. The junkyard had been there for years and was loaded with hazardous chemicals. It probably should have been a Superfund clean up area. After 10 or so years, the coppers started showing strange maladies in clusters. 4 or 5 had a malignant form of brain cancer. Half a dozen or so had auto immune diseases (Type 1 diabetes, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Sarcoidosis, blood diseases and a host of others). When the media found out it was a story for about 3 days. Then the city killed all information. Till this day nothing has happened. The building still operates and I am glad I am retired. And the PO’s who work there are still in danger.

  5. Jon Brooks

    You guys need the Cleveland Water division building maint. staff, they are good. Of course there is one director and a gaggle of commissioners in the building. Think that has anything to do with it?

  6. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Ingjneer66 – They are city employees, but they’re union, so…

    Old NFO – Yeah. This isn’t the army I joined.

    Jenn – I’m in training today, and the AIR CONDITIONING is on .

    Buckaroo – We’ve had a/c on in November and heat on May. Hand to God.

    LDIV – Our 24th/25th District HQ was held up because of toxins in the soil of the site. City built it anyway.

    Jon – No thanks.

  7. Jim Scrummy

    The “lefties” I work with would be saying you are saving the environment or being “sustainable” because you are using less evil heat to keep you warm. Silly you, comrade.


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