The Weighting Is The Hardest Part

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Courtney Lenz

Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Courtney Lenz (Far right) will not be appearing at the Super Bowl with her squad. Why? Because the fat bastard gained an unimaginable 1.6 pounds!

Like people need another reason to root against the Ravens…

A veteran Ravens cheerleader spoke out today about the team’s decision to drop her from the Super Bowl squad because she had a ‘rough year’ – by gaining less than two pounds. Courtney Lenz, 23, from Baltimore, Maryland, is the only cheerleader with more than three years of experience with her beloved team who will not be making the historic trip.

This season, Miss Lenz, who is 5’4, was dropped from two games in October and November because of weight gain – of 1.6lbs. She was told by Ravens staff to consult a nutritionist and get counseling at her own cost.

“During the season, I weigh 124lbs. At every practice, the trainer brings her scale and all the girls are taken aside, weighed and the number is recorded. I was told I was being benched because I had gained weight and when I asked how much it was, the scales showed 1.6lbs.”

Call me, Courtney; I can help you work off the weight. That is, if you don’t mind “some cardio” with a dm-witted, slightly fess fat blogger.

10 thoughts on “The Weighting Is The Hardest Part

  1. Dr. Evil

    If Wyatt’s plan does not help I’d also be happy to offer help. I mean, who else will take out the trash and walk the dog in this weather?

  2. Jim Scrummy

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Back in Scrummy’s mis-spent ute, I knew two deadskins cheerleaders (yes they were extremely hawt, even without the cakeface makeup), and they always were stressing about making the weight each week. It’s the rules, don’t make them. Oh yeah, she’s “fat”? Hardly.

  3. realwest

    Yep, not that I needed another reason to cheer for the 49′ers Wyatt but GEEBUS, the ONLY cheerleader with 3+ years of experience cheering her (nice) ass off for ‘em, then they FINALLY get to the Super Bowl for the second time and suddenly she’s not going to the SUPERBOWL??!
    That just plain sucks.

    1. Chris

      Jack – agreed. I would absolutely have to close my eyes to be near any of those young women.

      Wyatt – you sir are a bad, bad man!

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