The Giving Tree

Toilet-Paper-TreeI have a knack for finding strange and unusual stories. That is probably due to the fact that I am strange and unusual.

Many of these stories are posted for a lark. Some stories, like this one, contain something that I would readily purchase.

When having company over, it’s your duty as a host to make sure your guests are comfortable and that all of their needs are met. And do you know what THE single most important part of your job entails? If you guessed making sure you offer plenty of pizza and beer, you’d be wrong. No, THE single most important thing you have to do is provide access to TP.

There’s nothing worse than discovering mid poop that your host is out of toilet paper. Maybe they have some in a hall closet, maybe they don’t—but it doesn’t matter because it’s not like you can ask without dying of embarrassment. Enter the Toilet Paper Tree. It lets you display 14 extra rolls of toilet paper in plain sight so your guests instantly know that there’s plenty of bath tissue.

The $209 list price is pretty steep, but this still wipes the floor with the wall-mounted TP holder.

9 thoughts on “The Giving Tree

  1. Dr. Evil

    GREAT Beetlejuice reference. The TP tree is the greatest invention since the lava lamp, and strobe lights that induce seizures!

  2. Sally Anne

    209 bucks? That would be so dang easy to build- and do cuter even (I have a half bath with cute birds/trees on the walls for the kiddies- would be pretty cool for them). Thanks for the project inspiration!

  3. Bob G.

    I applaud you for bringing this to light.
    We at our house are NEVER at a loss or TP, and there’s another reason, aside from the one you mention here…
    The overal SIZE of the rolls is different.
    The cardboard roll INSIDE is SMALLER than rolls of years past…!
    And that means…FEWER SHEETS PER ROLL.
    This is a real “WTF???” moment for anyone with an alimentary understanding of bathroom protocol.

    I even did a post about ti a year or so ago.
    (and at the same prices, thsi is highway robbery)
    I’m surprised that you, as a LEO didn’t spot this.

    In any event, you “roll” safe out there, Boss.

  4. Jim Scrummy

    Nuts! Another great million-dollar (actually only worth about $100K in Zeroworld) idea that I didn’t come up with… Back to the salt mines.

  5. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Dr. Evil – Holy crap, I didn’t think anyone would get that. Kudos!

    Metoo – Oh, who doesn’t like to clean a bathroom five times a day?

    John D – Meh, they won’t remember it.

    JT – You can unclog the toilet with the tree branches. Maybe.

    Sally Anne – You’re welcome. I’d do it, but I don’t know how tools work.

    Bob G – I’ve been somewhat distracted this week.

    Jim – I’ll give you mine and you can run with it. The “Stickle.” It’s a pickle on a stick.

    Mike47 – I figured this thread would get messy.


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