Stairway To Awesome

The 35th Annual Kennedy Center HonorsI doubt many of you saw The Kennedy Center Honors Led Zeppelin in December, but if you haven’t, you definitely need to see this. Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart performed a rendition of Stairway to Heaven that brought down the house.

Now, while I’m a Zeppelin fan, I was never a big fan of Stairway; primarily because everyone liked Stairway so much, I thought it was overrated. Wilson’s rendition, however, may never be surpassed.

The video is below the fold.

I mean, when you make Robert Plant weep . . .

Incredible. Oh, and for the record, Ann Wilson is 62 years old. (H/Trdbrewer)

7 thoughts on “Stairway To Awesome

  1. L Frame S&W

    We just saw Ann & Nancy Wilson in Worcester, on the opening night of their tour.
    Unfortunately, they did not perform Stairway at the show we attended :+(

  2. Ferrell Gummitt

    I have been listening to Heart since I was in High School. They have covered at least six or seven Led Zeppelin songs and they never have disappointed. Listen to their version of “Rock ‘N Roll” from their Greatest Hits/Live album that too is awesome.

  3. realwest

    Thanks for this one Wyatt – I didn’t even know that Led Zep was being honored at the Kennedy Center and Heart did just a super job on Stairway (although they cut maybe 3 minutes of the song, probably because of time constraints).
    Love Led Zep and love Heart. Two truly great groups and the smiles -especially on Jimmy Page while they listened, were worth the price of admission alone.


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