So You Want To Be A Police Officer?

Diana Lopez Tucson Police DepartmentStop that thinking right now.

Meet Diana Lopez. Diana was a lieutenant in the Tucson Police Department. Her “superiors” demoted her after she sent sexually explicit pictures and videos to her boyfriend – a fellow Tuscon officer – from her personal phone. Since she was (partly) dressed in her uniform, Lopez was demoted to sergeant.

Rule number one in this line of work: When you win the badge you lose your personal life.

A female police lieutenant has been demoted after she sent sexually explicit videos and a raunchy photograph in her uniform to a lower-ranking officer. Diana Lopez, who was a public information officer in Tucson, was in a relationship with the male officer at the time.

Police said Lopez used her personal cell phone to send the videos and photos. Lopez’s boyfriend showed the videos and photos to other officers between May and August 2011.

During the lengthy investigation, Lopez admitted to kissing an individual in a station locker room while at work. Police say Lopez violated several department regulations, code of ethics and professional standards.

Okay, so will these standards be universally applied? I guarantee there is an officer in Tucson who is married to another officer. If the officer kisses his wife while on duty, will he be demoted? How about the (idiotic) officers who post photos of themselves in full uniform on Facebook? Where are their demotions?

Here’s the bottom line: Does Lopez do her job, and does she do it well? If so, then who the f**k cares what she does during her downtime? The only result of this bullshit investigation will be the souring of a (by all accounts) decent cop.

This entire investigation contains shenanigans of the highest order; and I don’t say that because Lopez is smoking hot.

14 thoughts on “So You Want To Be A Police Officer?

  1. Jack Rackim

    She is the best looking cop I’ve ever seen.
    What? No link to the videos?
    Her boyfriend sounds like a gem. I’d bet he was jealous of her rank.

  2. loaded dice in vegas

    An old copper once told me, “Kid don’t ever take any pictures”. They will come back to haunt you.

  3. Jim Scrummy

    I like handcuffs all of sudden? She could “arrest” me. Seriously, why do people do dumb stuff like send photos via text to their SO? Then the stupid SO shows off the photos? Stupid + stupid = dumba$$.

    She shouldn’t have been demoted, maybe reprimanded verbally for stupidity.

  4. John D

    I agree with Jim, the BF was a dick for showing them to other guys in the department. BTW, was he disciplined for showing her pictures to co-workers? My guess is no. I’ll hazard another wild guess and say that Ms. Lopez probably spurned the advances of someone in power and is now paying the price for it. Pure speculation on my part, of course.

  5. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Dr. Evil – Don’t think I didn’t look!

    Jim – Oh, most definitely. The boyfriend is a douche, but punishing her is ridiculous.

    L Frame – Bosses in the police department don’t need a reason to be over-officious.

    Jack – You can count the truly hot PPD female officers on two hands. They’re that rare. Lopez is an exception to the rule.

    LDIV – True enough, but if this was a private sector business it wouldn’t even be an issue.

    Jim – Oh, she showed terrible judgment, but she would have been fine if she picked her boyfriends better.

    John D – Why, because that’s the modus operandi for far too many supervisors in our departments? It happens here in Philly all the time.

  6. Fenway_Nation

    Maybe she can go into business with some other hottie ex-cops who were demoted/rebuked/sanctioned after being photographed in provocative photos while (partially) in uniform. They could then start up their own PI firm…maybe even make a reality show out of it. Can’t be any worse than ⅔ of the shit thats already on TV

  7. AndyN

    Does somebody who’d send compromising pictures to a co-worker with the kind of character that her boyfriend has really have the kind of judgement to be in a position of authority?

  8. Wyatt Earp Post author

    RD – Most definitely. Why would you ever share photos like that? Especially with people you work with?

    Fenway Nation – Wyatt’s Angels . . . in color!

    Sally Anne – Damn, that rules out Philly.

    Jon – And, if fired, she won’t be counted in the unemployment numbers.

    AndyN – Depends. If she didn’t know Douchey McSlapnuts was sharing them, she can’t really be blamed for his tard-iness.


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