Ogle Your Way To Success!

Guy Ogling GirlAccording to a new study, ogling women makes them act dumber. Guys, your career track has just taken a turn for the better!

You’re welcome.

#5. Getting Ogled by Men Makes Women Act Dumber – Hopefully, most of you men out there know that it’s horribly inappropriate to drool all over the women you work with. But the reasoning isn’t only because doing so makes you a first-class dickhole, but also because science says that being ogled severely impairs women’s brain smarts.

In a study, women were invited to participate in an interview with a man who, when they entered the room, looked them up and down, and then proceeded to stare at their boobs the entire time. At the completion of the interview, the man would give the woman written feedback to the effect of “Lookin’ good in them jeans,” and she was then asked to complete a series of math questions. The women who received this treatment were much more likely to have difficulty with completing the questions than women who hadn’t been ogled.

Ogled males did not have this problem.

Nah, I usually don’t, because I’m so used to it.

8 thoughts on “Ogle Your Way To Success!

  1. Dr. Evil

    Is this why all my co-workers seem to be idiots? Including the men? Oh S&%T SNACKS! have I been ogling men?

    Bet you thought I’d change the headline to Ogre-ing…which I also do well.

    1. toothy

      In a study, women were invited to participate in an interview with a man who, when they entered the kitchen, looked them up and down…

      Fixed it. Double bazinga!

  2. Jim Scrummy

    I ogled my last girlfriend that I met at a party. She’s now my wife. So, it works. But the downside is, she’s on my butt to finish a bathroom renovation.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Old NFO – Eh, risk/reward. :)

    Dr. Evil – Only because you have that massive hunchback.

    Ingineer66 – POW!

    Toothy – Double POW!

    Jim – It’s always something . . .

    Bob G. – Good point.

    Pops – Butt Bidden isn’t stu . . . Oh.


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