No Hope, No Change

Adolf Lu Hitler Marak

Citizens of Meghalaya, India, if you want a leader who will lower taxes, brutalize criminals, and rule you like a king, elect Adolf Hitler.

The tiny northeast Indian state of Meghalaya has a special fascination for interesting and sometimes controversial names, as proven by the ballot for state elections. Among the 345 contestants running for the state assembly are Frankenstein Momin, Billykid Sangma, Field Marshal Mawphniang and Romeo Rani.

Then there is Hitler. This 54-year-old father of three has won three elections to the state assembly with little controversy over being named after the Nazi dictator.

His father had worked with the British army, but apparently developed enough of a fascination with Great Britain’s archenemy to name his son Adolf Hitler – though he also gave him the middle name Lu, Hitler said.

Big deal. Our Hitler won consecutive presidential terms last decade. The libtards know him better as George W. Bussssshhhhh…

3 thoughts on “No Hope, No Change

  1. Jim Scrummy

    We had Bushhitler and now Zeromao-lite (maybe Chavez-lite or fill-in-the-blank for your favorite leftist dictator-lite for Zero, he’d love to be dictator, love to be, but darn that pesky Constitution-or what’s left of it).


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