Nerds Of The World, Unite!

Invisibility CloakThanks to the hard work of Dr. Baile Zhang, you too may be able to see your first boob. Dr. Zhang has invented an invisibility cloak… and the darned thing works!

A scientist has become the talk of the town at a popular tech conference this week as he unveiled his own ‘invisible cloak’ technology that’s straight out of a Harry Potter novel. The cloak is the work of Dr Baile Zhang, who says he developed the cloak more as a fun hobby than a serious physics breakthrough.

Dr Zhang showed off his invention, the macroscopic invisibility cloak at the prestigious TED2013 conference in Long Beach, California on Monday. Though Dr Zhang’s device is more of a box than a cloak, the purpose is just the same – bending light around an object so that it cannot be seen. He told BoingBoing that the came up with the idea in 2010, and constructed the device “just for fun.”

With the cloak finished, Dr. Zhang can turn his attention to more “fun” activities… like trigonometry problems and proofreading technical journals.

7 thoughts on “Nerds Of The World, Unite!

  1. Dr. Evil

    What? Earth developing Cloaking Technology is in direct violation of the Algernon Treaty with the Romulans! Now who is King Dork?

  2. Jim Scrummy

    OOOOOOOH, I WANT ONE! The market demand will be off the charts for every husband worldwide, to go invisible when your beloved Mrs., is giving you crap about not completing your assigned weekend tasks. Poof, now you’re invisible, the Mrs. can’t find you to rag on you. This guy is a future gabazillionaire!

  3. Jon Brooks

    We can rest assured that D.A.R.P.A. is working on a usable approach at this very minute.

    I’d have to go cloak myself in a corner with an air horn. Fun fun fun.

  4. Rob in Katy

    Jim, the only problem is that you will have to carry around a brick of Lucite, what, roughly 17 times your height… a divorce may be easier and certainly better for the back!

  5. Bob G.

    With a cloak of invisibility, maybe it’s time to develop a sword that detects ORCS…and then we can return that damn RING back to Mt Doom?

    Just a thought…

    Stay safe


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