Lamey’s Got A Gun

Barack Obama Skeet Shooting

Be vewy vewy quiet; Barack Obama is hunting wabbits.

Gun owners lampooned President Obama as Elmer Fudd yesterday after the White House released a photo of the commander-in-chief shooting clay targets at Camp David.

While the president’s shooting skills were being mocked, his own gun-control allies privately fretted that Obama risked being ridiculed as a phony for suddenly trying to portray himself as a friend of sportsmen and hunters. Or, conversely, that he was glorifying the use of guns.

But if the move was aimed to win over gun enthusiasts, it backfired.

“That looks pretty pathetic. That’s not skeet shooting,” chuckled Rick Davenport, of the Erie County Sportsmen’s Federation. “In skeet shooting, you’re either shooting high or you’re shooting low! This is nothing but pandering to the sportsmen and hunters.”

So, on January 27th, Obama was quoted in a magazine article, saying, “Up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time.” On January 28th, WH Press Secretary Jay Carney claimed he never saw a photo of Obama “doing skeet.” Then, on Saturday, the White House tweeted the above photo, which was allegedly taken on the president’s birthday. August 4, 2012.

Wow, what a co-inky-dink…

Now, I’m not doubting the photo, necessarily. He obviously fired a shotgun sometime in the last four years. But given this story from Reuters, I am starting to doubt the rest of the story.

“Obama, an avid golfer, played with colleagues and friends at the Andrews Air Force Base in hot, muggy weather conditions before taking Marine One to Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains in the afternoon,” states the report, adding that the President, “helicoptered to the Camp David presidential retreat for a quiet evening off the campaign trail.”

The story also notes that Obama’s evening plans consisted of a “birthday meal he was expected to share with wife, Michelle.”

Now, maybe Obama wiggled in some range time there, but if so, why wouldn’t the omnipresent press corps report that? Eh, frak it; I’m declaring shenanigans. This is a bullshit photo op. Nothing more.

19 thoughts on “Lamey’s Got A Gun

  1. L Frame S&W

    OK, so he’s left handed, but it looks to me like the recoil compensating gas vent is angled to the right, which tells me it’s a skeet gun for a rightie, so I also call BS on the photo, just as I called it when Gomer Pyle, …errr… John Kerry posed during his campaign with a shotgun to look like he was a hunter.

    I could tell better if we could get a view of the shotgun to see which way the cast off is.

    1. L Frame S&W

      I just spent several minutes evaluating & measuring the picture, it looks to me as if the sightline of the barrel is way over where BO’s eye should be, unless he has the glasses way down so he’s looking through the top of them. There is also a bit too much smoke, now I’m wondering if the extra smoke, and apparent lack of recoil, might lead me to the conclusion that he is firing blanks. I wish his father had been firing blanks 51 years ago, but if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    Did zero field dress his skeets? Skeets can be mighty tasty, if properly field dressed. Of course zero’s posture sucks for shootin’ skeets. But zero does it all the time….? More likely zero was shootin’ trap, and traps can be mighty tasty too! I’m sure zero flew in the WH chef to cook him some skeets and traps!

  3. John D

    That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, don’t be put off by the Ivy League degrees, the massive campaign fundraisers, the swanky cocktail parties, and the jet-setting around the country; these polytishuns are reg’lar folks, just like us. Yeah, I’m convinced.

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Rick – Yup.

    L Frame – Photo op. Nothing more.

    Toothy – I noticed the recoil issue. Maybe he is super-strong? Bawahahahahaha!

    JT – They’re great when they’re wrapped in bacon.

    Jim – I’d wager no one in the WH knows the difference between skeet and trap.

    John D – Skeet summit, baby!

  5. Veeshir

    Yes it is full of fail fakery and flim flammery.
    That’s the whole damn point.
    Getting people tp argue irrelevancies instead of the point ( lying sack of chit wants my guns) is a staple of the Dems since Bill Clintn and CNN perfected it in the 90s.
    Am I saying ignore it? No. That preening fool cannot take mockery the way Bill could, neither can Hillary for that matter.
    Besides, schaden is the only freude we’re getting these days.

  6. docrambo

    If barrels are ported, are they not ported equally, so where is the gas from the left side? Also, discharge would have to be very easy to have it wind blown, and there is apparently no recoil whatsoever from this gun. I’m afraid I’m going to throw the BS flag on this one as well.

  7. Jon Brooks

    Maybe he was out trying to shoot their birthday meal and the prong horned RINO was just a few feet away tied to a tree?

  8. Mike47

    The people over at Castle Arghhh are all over this one. The picture’s been thoroughly fisked as being photoshopped before presentation to the media. It’s just like everything else coming out of this regime: You can’t believe it.

  9. Ingineer66

    I just noticed this. Don’t most left handed people wear their watch on their right hand? Not that it is a sure thing but just another odd part of the photo.

  10. Bob G.

    Someone revoked his MAN-CARD…at last it looks that way…LOL.

    A PORTED BARREL for a damn SKEET gun?
    Are you kidding me?
    (man up…unless Michelle won’t allow it)

    Stay safe.


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