Jeanette Lee, Please Turn In Your Nickname

Daniela HolmqvistMeet golfer Daniela Holmqvist; a woman who makes Kerri Strug look like a p*ssy.

The Swedish 24-year-old felt a sharp pain in her ankle as she played a pre-qualifier for the ISPS Handa Australian Open yesterday.

When the Stockholm native looked down she realized she’d been bitten by a deadly Black Widow spider. Holmqvist swatted the arachnid away, but before she knew it she was doubled over in pain.

Did the LPGA Tour rookie faint? Scream for an ambulance? Cry hysterically? No.

While the panicked locals rushed around, Holmqvist, whose leg was already swelling up, calmly reached into her pocket, pulled out a golf tee and used it to gash open her bite and squeeze the venom out.

Amazingly, Holmqvist played on through her pain, shooting a 74 on the day.

Holy crap! Imagine if she hadn’t been bitten; she’d likely own the course record.

5 thoughts on “Jeanette Lee, Please Turn In Your Nickname

  1. John D

    Tough girl. I don’t know if she has a husband or boyfriend, but, after this, I’d dare say the “not tonight, dear, I have a headache” excuse won’t fly.

  2. realwest

    Hi Wyatt! Thanks for posting this story. Since it happened in Australia and to a Swedish woman the odds on us hearing about it here are slim and none.
    She clearly is tough as nails – big, stainless steel nails. But since everyone around her seemed to be pretty useless, she did what she knew she needed to do: squeeze out the venom.

    That she is also a pretty damn good golfer is besides the point (like Obama’s ears). She kept calm, figured out what to do and did it. That straightforward and that simple.

    I got her on my team for survival or golf or just about anything else, fershure.

  3. Rob in Katy

    I was riding the dirt bike though some trails last oct/nov, tight fast stuff that you don’t want to screw up on. Felt a poker like burning in my shoulder, started soft, got worse, almost had to get off the bike and scream, managed the vulgarities and kept going after pounding on the area and thinking I got whatever it was. made it another 3/4 minutes and took another hit. this time stopped and got my had up under all the gear, felt something crunch but couldn’t tell what it was, figured a wasp – they like me. Manned up, kept riding until I started feeling ill, figured I was just out of shape. I headed back to camp and peeled off the gear. I had two holes, not welps, holes, juicy holes and by now one was looking a little blue/purple. I started squeezing like a pimple, hurt like hell but kept at it, eventually got some puss out of them both and eventually clear. some of the folks camping had some backing soda, so we made a compress and I took some asprine and chilled for a while before heading back. the next day it looked like I had a staff infection over my upper pec and shoulder. Sent a picture to my doc, freaked him out, was on heavy antibiotics for staff and bacteria. Still don’t know what got me, maybe a couple of weak hits by a brown rekluse or BW. Been hit by a lot of bees, wasps, hornets and they just left some really big welts but no weeping holes. the scars from those look bigger than the rotator cuff holes that I had done a year before. on odd thing, I had torn the right shoulder (the still good one) and was coping quite well with the pain, until these two bites and it has been murder since. really trying to hold off until summer to get the RC repaired but may not make it as the pain increases. Watch out for those creepy-crawly things – they can mess you up!


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