Going Off The Rails On A Karzai Train

US Soldier

I find it amusing that people still believe Afghan president Hamid Karzai is our ally.

The Afghan president has ordered US special forces to leave Wardak province within two weeks. The decision was being taken due to allegations of disappearances and torture by Afghans considered to be part of US special forces, said a spokesman for Hamid Karzai.

The Afghan president’s office said the decision to order the expulsion of US special forces had been taken at a meeting of the National Security Council.

“After a thorough discussion, it became clear that armed individuals named as US special force[s] stationed in Wardak province engage in harassing, annoying, torturing and even murdering innocent people,” it said.

Yes, because it couldn’t possibly be Taliban savages dressing as US forces, could it, Hamid? It couldn’t possibly be anti-US “witnesses,” lying their goat-banging asses off, could it?

Frak them. Let Karzai deal with these animals. Hell, we’re leaving, anyway; why not today?

9 thoughts on “Going Off The Rails On A Karzai Train

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Once the U.S. leaves, Karzai will be the Tali’s beotch. I doubt he survives another assassination attempt (or coup), since a Unit Operator saved his buttocks the last time. Of course that noted war strategist, zero, screwed up the Afghan surge. All of the top brass in the fight wanted two fighting seasons, not one that zero insisted on. But zero did lead the DevGru assault with his O/U .410-since Slow Joe said all you need is a shotgun, screw those HK 416s and Sig P226s. What sucks, is that my kids may have to go back in 10-15 years to finish the job…

  2. John D

    Most Afghans place tribal loyalty above loyalty to their nation. Karzai’s government is as phony as a Hollywood set. Once we’re gone, he won’t last long.

  3. Veeshir

    Like about 80% of America I was for the initial invasion.

    11 years later, I say we need to rethink our commitment.

    First, the north and south of Afghanistan should be two countries, we’ll protect North Afghanistan, sans taliban, let Karzai have the south.

    Tell Blackwater (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) and all mercs, including Karzai’s western bodyguards, to leave the south. He’ll be dead about 2 minutes later.

    As we leave we send some special forces types to go around killing a bunch of Taliban boy-screwers and drop a shitload of MOABs around the Taliban’s area and along the Pak border (both sides), tell them if we have to come back it’ll just be B-52s, A-10s and Apaches.

    They don’t want to join the 12th century, much less the 21st.

    It’s our fault, I’d say our biggest problem is we don’t have the balls we had in 1946.

    We took over Japan and Germany, wrote their Constitutions (ignoring their “cultures” because they were both murderous and invasionay) and remade their countries in a non-violent mold.

    We allowed the Taliban boy-rapers to have a say in their ruling, so for instance it’s a death penalty offense to leave Islam.
    You can’t change a country if you don’t try to change that country.

    It’s too bad our elite don’t accept that.

  4. Metoo

    We need to pull out…leave early….Let them continue to thin the herd on their own. Maybe that way, the goats would stand a fighting chance.

  5. Ingineer66

    I say tell Karzai we will all be out next week except drones and B-52s. When my son came home in September he said the boys that were remaining behind were pretty nervous cause they didn’t have many Americans to watch their backs. This trickle out thing is just going to get more Americans killed by ANP or people dressed in their uniforms.

  6. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jim – I think Karzai is already their beyotch. He certainly isn’t our friend.

    John D – I, for one, welcome Afghanistan’s new oppressive overlords…

    Veeshir – I heartily endorse that comment or product. – Krusty the Klown

    Metoo – “We need to pull out…” That’s what she said.

    Ingineer66 – And since the national sport over there is killing American soldiers . . .

    Jon – Nah, let him live – so the Taliban can finish him off.

  7. VR

    I can’t believe this hippocrat is being watched by western bodyguard. I would say, the first step is to move all NATO troops out of Kabul and let’s see if he can defend himself.

  8. RayNAiken

    I bet that if he awoke next Monday morning and discovered every American Soldier had gone home and left him there….well………. he would $h!t his pajamas.
    Make no mistake he along with whatever wealth he has accumulated will depart that country before the last American soldier leaves.


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