Facebook Claims Another Victim

NJ Assemblyman Charles Mainor

I’d ask “Guess the Party,” but in Britain they don’t soft-shoe the Democrats.

New Jersey assembleyman Charles Mainor (Democrat) is in the slightly embarrassing predicament of apologizing to constituents for his Facebook behavior.

As reported by The Star Ledger, since the start of the year two of Mainor’s Facebook page ‘likes’ include ‘Big Bootie Freaks’ and ‘You Got Knocked The Fck Out Man.’

‘Big Bootie Freaks’ contains several photos of women’s posteriors. Mainor isn’t the only fan since the site boasts over 154,000 likes.

The other controversial page Mainor likes, ‘You Got Knocked The Fck Out Man’ takes it’s title and cover photo from the 1995 film ‘Friday’ with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. The site features numerous videos of people getting punched and beaten up.

Meh, it would be a more interesting story if he liked a page featuring women with big butts getting knocked out. Like an entire collection of Kim Kardashian KO pics.

7 thoughts on “Facebook Claims Another Victim

  1. John D

    An entire collection of Kim Kardashian KO pics? Dude, I would totally “like” that page. A similar page for the entire cast of Jersey Shore would be cool too.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    Another commie. I guess people don’t give a rat’s behind anymore about politicians, and how worthless they really are in society.

    Oh, facebook and powerpoint make us stupid.

  3. Jon Brooks

    We must not KO Kim K. Think about it, with that bootie once she hit the ground the earthquake level on the Richter Scale would be enormous. She just might split the earths crust and release vast amounts of magma also causing the eath moon system to wobble and ultimately fall into the sun. This would result in the sun going super nova and aliens a few light years away, would be fried by the gamma pulse. Same results with Rosie O.

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