Stalin BusAfter reading this story, I think it’s safe to say the Russian’s policy of glasnost has reached its expiration date.

One would hope Germany doesn’t follow suit with a commemoration of Hitler Day, even though comparatively, Stalin was the worse fiend.

The southern Russian city where the Red Army decisively turned back Nazi forces in a key World War II battle will once again be known as Stalingrad, at least on the days commemorating the victory.

The city was renamed Volgograd in 1961 as part of the Soviet Union’s rejection of dictator Joseph Stalin. But the name Stalingrad is inseparable with the historic battle, which was among the bloodiest in history with combined losses of nearly 2 million people.

In addition, authorities in Volgograd, St. Petersburg and the Siberian city of Chita ordered images of Stalin to be put on city buses on Feb. 2 to commemorate the historic battle.

You know, instead of Stalin and his cheesy mustache on buses, why not paste Georgy Zhukov’s stache-less visage there? Zhukov was the architect of the Stalingrad victory, led the Soviets to triumphs in Moscow and Kursk, and didn’t murder millions of his fellow citizens.

4 thoughts on “Congradulations!

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Greetings Comrade Earp, I trust you enjoyed your visit from our committee staff liaison officer for the cause? We will be watching you Comrade Earp and your musings on the internets. That is all from comrade zero.

    Hmmm, Unka Joe was the JV compared to Mao as far exterminating his people. Of course they both showed up those pikers Adolph and Pol Pot. Gee, who says tyranny/death doesn’t come from gubmints? Please answer in the form of a question!

  2. Old NFO

    They’re ALL playing the name game over there… and a bunch of other countries too… At least there IS a valid reason for their desire to commemorate the Stalingrad name.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jim – That’s the problem with Father Time. The young’uns never learn their history, and buy the whitewashing from the politicians.

    Old NFO – I really don’t have a problem with them renaming the city Stalingrad. It’s a city with an amazing history. Putting Stalin’s image on buses and celebrating his “leadership?” That’s insane.

  4. Billy Quizboy

    Isn’t it because of Stalin that the Soviets almost lost? He purged good Generals just because they weren’t politically reliable and had a policy of no retreat ever. Even if the retreat was to a superior position. Sending thousands of infantry into the meat grinder rather than shoring up and waiting for reinforcements, etc.

    Worse strategist than even Adolph.


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