Call Weighting

Homer SimpsonConsidering the hospitalization of my wife and my mom in the last two weeks, I didn’t post a weigh-in last week. I’m doing so today, even though I had a few bouts of stress eating. No excuse, but it is what it is. Although in my defense, I did have two delicious tuna wraps from the hospital cafeteria on consecutive days. I just wish that would counterbalance the cheeseburger and the cheesesteak.

That said, I stepped on the scale this morning and found this staring back:

199 Pounds.

Obviously, I’m not happy with that number, but a loss is a loss. I’m down one pound since the last weigh-in, and 16 pounds overall.

Oh: Ranba Ral sent me an e-mail. He is down slightly, weighing in at 272, but he’s exercising every day. That’s going to help.

4 thoughts on “Call Weighting

  1. Heltau

    VERY Excellent for you. I still have about 40 pounds to go before I hit 199. I am flowing the sick diet. As long as I stay sick I keep loosing weight. That is the only bright spot of this diet, losing the weight. Everything else about this diet sucks.

  2. Picky

    I’m down to 284 as of yesterday, so that’s a 15 pound loss with no exercising. When I get down into the 60′s I will start my running program (hopefully by then it will be warmer too). I hope that means I will lose faster, but 15 pounds in a month is nothing to sneeze at. Keep going, Wyatt!

  3. Metoo

    People deal with stress differently and kudos for losing any weight during this difficult time. I would have headed straight for the RumChata cupcakes and called it a day. Keep up the good work, Wyatt.


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