Brought To You By I. Ron Hubbard


Birthday. April. Get on it.

The Iron Man steampunk style pocket watch by Adi Simion may not be able to keep track of time, but I am pretty sure anyone would throw money at it to own one. Who needs time when you command a portable Arc Reactor?!

I doesn’t keep time? Then I guess I’ll just order three.

7 thoughts on “Brought To You By I. Ron Hubbard

  1. Jim Scrummy

    I have a Casio.

    Next thing the dhimmis will want to do is ban Arc Reactors. Or make you go through some bs background check, or limit it’s capacity of awesomeness, that has nothing to do with actual Arc Reactors. Could I use the Arc Reactor on the dhimmis?

  2. Bob G.

    So lemme get this straight…this “timepiece” will function for about FIFTY LIFETIMES…or power something big for 15 minutes, right?

    Gimme my Timex!

    Roll safe out there.


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