An AZ Kevin Update

Erik Kyle and AZ KevinKevin had his aortic valve replacement surgery on Monday morning. It seemingly went rather well. However, on Monday night, an infection developed in the area. It got so bad that Kevin’s wife was thinking of calling everyone out to Arizona to see him one last time. Thankfully, he made it through that more or less intact.

Kari called me on Tuesday morning and told me how bad Kevin’s night had been, so yesterday our family was pretty much just going through the motions of life. Late Tuesday evening, Kari sent me a text saying he had a better day and was off the respirator.

Yesterday, my phone rang, and when I picked it up, Kevin was on the other line. After saying a few silent prayers, I told him how great it was to hear his voice. He admitted he went through a rough patch – and still had his chest tube in – but the doctors think he’s going to fully recover. We talked for about five minutes, and when he hung up, I lost it.

Despite my assumed popularity in the blogosphere, I don’t many friends. Part of that is my fault – the sarcastic tool you read here every day is pretty much the sarcastic tool I am in real life – and part of it is the fault of others – like my high school/college circle of (ex) friends. (Have fun at the US Pond Hockey Nationalsagain – dicks!)

I only have two very close friends; Bill (who is local) and Kevin (who is thousands of miles away). So naturally, when something happens to one of them, I panic. Lord knows I can’t afford to lose anyone else.

Thank you for your prayers. And thank you, God, for answering them. Kevin’s not out of the woods yet, but he’s getting there.

UPDATE: If you can, throw a few out for Mrs. Earp, too. She’s in the ER with severe stomach pains. Docs are just now getting to her. (She went in at 6:30am.) In the meantime, I’m Mr. Mom today, so I won’t be around much,

16 thoughts on “An AZ Kevin Update

  1. Jon Brooks

    You can only go into the woods halfway, the other half you’re coming out. Give yourself a rest Wyatt he’ll make it. Prayers out.

  2. Robert B.


    I am still working in AZ, about 2 hours from Tucson. If there is any thing I can do for you or Kevin, please e-mail me and consider it done.

    Prayers sent. May he have a full and speedy recovery.

  3. realwest

    Just excellent news, Wyatt – prayers and best wishes are still going out for Kevin, Kari and you and both of your families.
    He’s gotta be a tough guy to call you from the hospital while he STILL has a tube in his chest! Kevin is really tough, I do think he’ll make it. Hang in there Wyatt, and please keep us informed as to how quickly Kevin is improving!

  4. loaded dice in vegas

    You have more friends then you realize.

    Prayers have, are and will be said……..

    Have Faith…………………………….

  5. Robbie

    I don’t even know Kevin and I am in tears and my heart jumped for joy ! I will keep praying for him and his wife. I know how you feel. I have one friend in Philly and one in North Carolina. I worry about the one in NC all the time. It’s hard when you can’t be there. You hang in there too Wyatt. God works in wonderous ways sometimes. KEEP FIGHTING KEVIN !

  6. He Said His Telephone Number Was 911

    That is wonderful news, post-op infections are scary as hell, I’m glad to hear he is on the mend. Continued prayers.

  7. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Thanks, everyone. If you get a minute, throw up a few more for Mrs. Earp, who is in the ER today with severe stomach issues.

    Obviously, I won’t be on the blog much today, but there are posts scheduled for later.

    1. realwest

      Mrs. Earp is in the ER with stomach issues?!? Holy Chit Wyatt, this is a real roller coaster day for you and yours.
      But I do hope you know you have more friends than you realize.
      If there’s anything I can do to help, you know how to reach me.

  8. Mike47

    Ya got lots of friends, Wyatt… you just can’t see’um. Excuse me, I got sumpthin’ in my eye.

    Sending strong positive thoughts your way.

  9. Dr. Evil

    Not a prayer fella. But my thoughts are most certainly with Kevin and Mrs. Earp. And they’re not even dirty thoughts!


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