Al Sharpton: Economic Wunderkind

Obama Economic Advisor Al SharptonIf there was ever any doubt Barack Obama is not taking the economy seriously, this would seal that notion. The “president” held an economic summit this week, but no economists were in attendance. Instead, Obama met with Al Friggin’ Sharpton.

Barack Obama met with Al Sharpton and other “African American leaders” to discuss the president’s “plan to strengthen the economy for the middle class and continue to build ladders of opportunity for those striving to get there,” according to the White House.

And here’s the rest of the readout, via Politico:

“The President reiterated his commitment to supporting policies that will directly impact those hardest hit by the economic crisis by making sure that America is a magnet for jobs, increasing access to job training programs, partnering with high-poverty communities to help them rebuild, and encouraging companies to invest in disadvantaged neighborhoods.”

You know, when I had trouble paying my bills last month, I didn’t seek out a financial planner. I hired an ignorant, monosyllabic racist who can barely dress himself. It’s proven to be a wise decision.

8 thoughts on “Al Sharpton: Economic Wunderkind

  1. realwest

    Well Hell, Wyatt – Obama has NO INTENTION of “fixing” anything. He did discuss, in Chicago, the problems of violence (guns AND others) and no father homes and accurately said the no father homes are a significant part of the problem.
    Then, as is his wont, did NOTHING about the problem except blame the wealthy.
    Sequestration was OBAMA’S IDEA – he sighed it into law and he said six months ago, if anyone tried to amend it or change it, that he, Obama, would veto that amendment. Now he’s purposely SCARING FOLKS about no air traffic controllers, cuts in the military, loss of teachers jobs and how hundreds of thousands of parents would have to “scramble” to cover the lack of those teachers, how law enforcement -never mind that THAT is a State and local matter – would suffer, and other HORRIBLE THINGS would happen if Sequestration went forward unamended BY THE REPUBLICANS since HE was willing to amend Sequestration IF the amendment INCREASED TAXES ON THE RICH.

    That Black Americans have a higher unemployment rate at every age grouping than do Whites or Hispanics doesn’t really matter to him.

    Obama is all hat, no cattle. Always has been, always will be.

  2. Ralph Short

    He holds a meeting with a known race baiter and the media barely covers it. At the meeting, 4 years after his policies have pretty near bankrupted the country without doing squat for the middle class, he gasses on about the ongoing “economic crisis” and the mainstream media does not challenge his assertions. Following all that crap, he demonizes sequestration as though he is shocked that his own idea, an idea he was so proud of he threatened to veto any legislation that would stop it in 2011, is actually going to happen.

    Summing it all up, dear leader is never held accountable for any of his failures or policies that are failures and folly. Some days you just have to wonder whether the country is doomed.

  3. Jim Scrummy

    Al Sharpton is an owner of a “Mensa Card”. He still owes money to that former Asst. DA, I believe. Plus the Asst. DA is suing the woman who falsified her testimony. Yet, Comcast hired Mr. Mensa Card?

    1. realwest

      Jim Scrummy – According to Wiki, the money owed to that Assistant D.A. was paid in full by Johnnie Cochran and other businessmen.
      And I’ve found no reference to Sharpton being a member of Mensa, but ALL Y’ALL SHOULD KNOW that Anheuser-Busch and Colgate-Palmolive, have donated thousands of dollars to Sharpton’s cover, the National Action Network.
      And I hope that Comcast pays Sharpton a HELL of a lot of money, since he apparently STILL owes the IRS over $568,000 for taxes due on income he received in 2009. Of course, with interest and penalties that sum is probably closer to $800,000 now, but with Obama in charge of the IRS, its unlikely that Sharpton will EVER have to pay it.
      He and his campaign still owe the Federal Election commission well over $500,00 as well but, once again, with Obama in charge, its unlikely that Sharpton will ever have to pay that money (I imagine Obama will pardon or grant Amnesty to Sharpton and many, many others before Obama leaves office).

      1. Jim Scrummy

        Mensa was sarcasm, the guy can barely speak or write. Forgot about “If it don’t fit you must acquit,” paying off his debt, thanks! As you pointed out, he owes the IRS. Call me when hell freezes over, because that’s when he’ll be paying his back taxes.

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