A Squidward In Every Pot

nuttersquidward4Philly Mayor Michael “Squidward” Nutter apparently fancies himself a dictator. His Worshipfulness is now suing to force a contract on 6,800 city workers.

But remember, Big Union; Democrats are your friends.

The Nutter administration filed suit Friday seeking permission from Philadelphia Common Pleas Court to impose new contract terms – including modest raises, potential furloughs, reduced overtime, and a new pension model for future employees – on about 6,800 workers represented by AFSCME District Council 33.

Announcing the lawsuit, a new tack in the city’s four-year labor standoff, Nutter accused union leaders of holding their members “hostage.”

The city’s latest offer includes a 2.5 percent raise, beginning a month after a contract is signed; 2 percent more on Jan. 1, 2014; but nothing for the last 3 1/2 years in which the unions have been working without a contract.

Now, before you think I went off the deep end, I am not a fan of public sector unions. Hell, I don’t even like my local FOP. However, I find it amusing that this it the hill Nutter wants to die upon. The mayor presides over a town with skyrocketing taxes, compounded by thousands of tax delinquents.

If this jackass cut taxes and collected back taxes on the deadbeats, he could probably afford better contracts for his municipal employees.

But we can’t do that; it goes against the Democrat playbook.

6 thoughts on “A Squidward In Every Pot

  1. Jim Scrummy

    AFSCME….hahahahahaha. What’s a matter comrades you don’t like Squidwards contract terms? You elected him, now deal with the consequences. Starting to pop some popcorn, should be fun to read about. Oh and the “blue/entitlement/ponzi scheme model” is dead, it is going out with a whimper of sorts (I’m sure we’ll see some rioting in the near future somewhere in the USA).

  2. C/A

    At the same time he is refusing to comply with state law and the binding arbitration for the firefighters he’s running to the courts for help. This guy is a real POS.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Old NFO – He’s a tin-pot dictator because he cannot run again. And there’s no way he wins on the state level.

    Jim – The worst part is that the AFSCME morons will STILL vote Democrat during the next election. They cannot think for themselves.

    Captain – Yeah, Squidward is a real supporter of the rule of law. /snark

    Bob – Most turds are smarter than he is.


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