A National Disgrace

Seal Team Six

UPDATE: Um, nevermind? Apparently I was caught in a moment of intellectual weakness. Serves me right for trusting a story from Esquire Magazine. Thanks to the commenters for the heads-up.

The Navy SEAL who shot and killed Osama bin Laden was interviewed in the March edition Esquire Magazine. In addition to revealing all the gory details of bin Laden’s death, he explained how he was treated by the country he served so faithfully. The short version is not well.

[The Shooter] told Bronstein: “I left SEALs on Friday. My health care for me and my family stopped at midnight Friday night. I asked if there was some transition from my Tricare to Blue Cross Blue Shield. They said no. ‘You’re out of the service, your coverage is over. Thanks for your sixteen years. Go f*** yourself.’”

He reveals that, in the aftermath of the May 2011 raid, his marriage with his wife ended yet they have been forced to live together to save money. Because the U.S. government have given him nothing – no pension, no health care, no protection for his wife, children or him – he has had to teach them what to do if an attack should be made on their home.

You can judge a country by how it treats its heroes. Considering this story, the United States of America should be judged harshly.

14 thoughts on “A National Disgrace

  1. AndyN

    What hymiehizbizkit said. Plus, he was in the Navy for 16 years, a SEAL for half of that, and his wife didn’t learn to shoot until now? He has that resume and he doesn’t know how he’ll pay his bills? There are enough little things in this story that would make me roll my eyes if I heard it from a guy in a bar, and Phil Bronstein has enough of a reputation as a leftist hack that until I see independent confirmation from a reputable source I’ll assume it’s BS.

    Think of it this way, if Esquire ran an interview with an anonymous Philly cop who resigned 3/4 of the way to retirement and then complained that he wasn’t given retirement benefits, do you think you could probably find holes in their story?

  2. realwest

    He Wyatt, this is a SAD story but confusing as well. He served for 16 years and iirc, you need to be in for 20 years before you get retirement pay (unless you’ve been medically retired because of injuries you sustained in the performance of your duties). Its not clear to me if the shooter just up and said “I’m outta the Navy” or was medically discharged, but I think its more likely the former, not the latter.

    It is still a disturbing story – this guy has obviously and understandably (psychological) injuries and IF he just up and quit, it seems to me to be OUR obligation as a Nation to provide him with the treatment he obviously needs for his PTSD – severe PTSD. And, again IF the story told in Esquire is true, he is not in a place where he could get a job doing much of anything for anyone. Killing bin Laden was a damn good thing to do, that the military seems almost ashamed of him now makes me think there’s a LOT more to his story than we’ve heard so far.
    In any event, Shooter, thank you for your service to America and may the Wrath of God come down on those in the Navy or DoD who did you wrong.

  3. Jim Scrummy

    He actually has VA benefits available (not saying the VA Medical Benefits are a panacea, but available), which the article didn’t point out. His account differs from Bissonette’s account as to what happened at binny laden’s “million dollar” mansion. Unfortunately, we have an administration that thinks getting binny has ended terrorism. As a secret squirrel told me the day after binny’s demise from the bidness end of an HK 416 (sweet weapon), nothing has changed, terrorism is an amoeba, always changing it’s shape.

  4. Jim Scrummy

    His not getting a job is also questionable? I know of numerous civilian agencies and outside contractors that could use his skillsets. Having the operational experience he has would get him scooped up very quickly by some of the secret squirrel organizations. Unless this guy is a total f-up (which is questionable too, to get to the tip of the pyramid in the military, you are not an f-up, operationally speaking), not sure why he is unemployed? The BS smell factor is rising, very quickly on this article.

    1. realwest

      I don’t know the Shooter at all, but IF what was reported by Bronstein is correct, he seems to be suffering from SEVERE PTSD and I don’t know what or how the VA could or would treat him for that. After my diagnosis of PTSD (Vietnam) all the VA did was give me an anti-depressant, to which me and about 17% of other PTSD afflicted men were allergic.
      And if Bronstein is correct, most security outfits wouldn’t want him now. If he had some GOOD medical treatment (i.e., non-VA) and some dough and could find a decent place to live apart from his
      ex-wife for awhile, you’re correct: his particular skill set would be highly marketable.

      1. Jim Scrummy

        Definitely agree with what you are saying in regards to the VA. My next door neighbor, who retired from USMC, and works for the VA, does not use the VA for anything medical. He hated Tri-Care too, when he was covered by it. I hope the guy gets some meaningful help, somewhere. The hardest part is asking.

  5. Homer2

    I disagree completely about it being a disgrace. Beyond the issue of the VA coverage, can you name an employer who provides medical care for you and your family after you leave their employment? Or provides a pension before you reach ‘retirement’? I did 10 years of service. Operative word being ‘service’ here, and had no expectations of anything after I voluntarily left. I didn’t read the article, but if you are medically discharged, you generally get benefits. If you ‘quit’, tough luck. Not knowing about benefits is no excuse. The internet is a powerful tool, and there are separation briefings which are mandatory as well as lots of people to talk to. Thanks for shooting OBL, but don’t bitch to the media because you are too lazy to take care of your own business.

  6. Ingineer66

    I read the article yesterday. He said he had 36 months till he could have gone on terminal leave to get 20 years in. I would think a Seal could do 36 months standing on his head in shit. Let alone on some cushy training assignment. And now they are saying he didn’t know about how the benefits work. I am pretty sure nobody gets out of boot camp without knowing you need 20 years for retirement and that there are VA benifits available. The whole deal does not pass the smell test.


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