Who Knew There Were Mountains In The Midwest?

KU Boobs

Finally, there’s a reason to support college basketball!

Female college students across the U.S. are posting photographs of their cleavage online in a demonstration of school pride.

The trend for ‘boob selfies’ began after University of Kansas student Tiffany Kent tweeted a photo of her breasts in a Jayhawks shirt with the hashtag #kuboobs in the hope of boosting support for her struggling college basketball team during a game in February last year.

The move proved to be a successful one, inspiring a sensational turnaround for the Jayhawks, from a 19-point deficit to a one-point-lead over the Missouri Tigers by the end of the game.

You know, it’s high time my female readers support SYLG. Come on ladies, show your pride!

6 thoughts on “Who Knew There Were Mountains In The Midwest?

  1. Bob G.

    Being a transplanted Philly boy who NOW lives in the “Heartland of America, I NEVER had ANY issues with ladies showing some team spirit…yeah, that’s it…”spirit”.
    That reminds me, I haven’t had any Peter-Paul Mounds in a long time…lol.

    Roll safe out there.

  2. loaded dice in vegas

    Yeah, it’s all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out……………..

  3. Standin' John

    I lived in Lawrence for a year. If you can wade past the hipsters and the party girls, you can find some *ahem* well rounded young women.

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