We Salute You, Oh Dark Lord

Jane Seymour Red Bandage Dress

I mean, someone would have to make a deal with Satan to look like this at 61, right?

In 1973, Seymour achieved international stardom after starring as Bond girl Solitaire in Live and Let Die. And even now at the age of 61, Jane Seymour could still give the current roster, including Olga Kurylenko, Gemma Arterton and Eva Green, a run for their money.

The ageless Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman star displayed her sensational figure in a ravishing red Herve Leger bandage dress for the premiere of her film Freeloaders at the Sundance Cinemas in West Hollywood.

She should definitely let us see her posterior: shaken not stirred.

13 thoughts on “We Salute You, Oh Dark Lord

  1. Rob

    A timeless beauty. Pure class.. but is still kills me that she once dated John Kerry. Another reason to unleash my dark Sith powers on him once they are fully developed.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Rob – I didn’t know she dated John Kerry. She is now Forever Unclean.

    USAdmiral – I now declare myself a virgin . . . reborn.

  3. Dr. Evil

    That’s fine, but get her annoying Open Heart jewley commercials off TV. When I see them I want caulk my eyeballs shut.

    heh heh, Caulk.

  4. realwest

    As usual Wyatt, you have exhibited your fine taste in physically attractive women! And yes, Jane Seymour is an ASTOUNDINGLY good looking 61 year old woman. BUT, as the linked article states,
    “Jane has in the past admitted that her amazingly preserved appearance has been aided by the surgeon’s knife, but apart from an eye lift, breast implants and Botox, she hasn’t had a thing done.”

    So, I mean hell, if I had an eye lift, a “tummy tuck” and Botox, I’d look a hellofalot better too!

    Please don’t stop or even slow down your, ah, “admiration” of Christina!!!

  5. Jim Scrummy

    Hated all the Moore Bond movies (except For Your Eyes Only), but Ms. Seymour has aged nicely. Of course dating Lurch brings her down a notch.

  6. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Old NFO – Sign me up for “bondage dress” pics of Jane!

    Dr. Evil – Aargh! I heartily endorse your statement on the Open heart necklace.

    Real – That’s how I’m going to lose weight . . . tummy tuck!

    Jim – Agreed. FYEO was a very good flick for its time.

  7. AjdShootist

    Im 64 and i still would admitadly with type2 diabetis i would need some ” tablets to help ” but hell yes.

  8. Bob G.

    Not that bad at all…even if she DOES have two different colored eyes…that’s gotta be her “secret”.
    (because it’s NOT Victoria’s)

    Jane’s defintitely “built for speed”…!
    (Christina’s built for comfort)

    Stay safe out there

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