Tiger Woods Heads For The Mountains

Lindsay Vonn SITiger Woods carted himself back to the dating game, and is currently hoping to play 18 holes with Olympic skier Lindsay Vonn. This is what we men call “a good get.”

Not that it matters to me, but have you noticed that Tiger only uses his putter with white women?

It appears that disgraced golf star Tiger Woods may have been tamed by new love, champion skier Lindsey Vonn. The pair apparently began seeing each other in November last year, and the shamed golfer is pulling out all the stops to ensure this relationship goes the distance, unlike his marriage.

The golfing star recently whisked 28-year-old Lindsey away to Antigua for a romantic break, and earlier this month he stopped off on his way to The Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship to visit her in Austria, where she was competing in a World Cup Ski event.

Rumor has it that Tiger is practicing the “she jump.”

9 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Heads For The Mountains

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Personally, I’m a Julia Mancuso fan myself… Lindsay’s a bit too tall for me so Tiger can have her. Of course Lindsay knows that ol’ Tiges has banged prosti…err I mean pr0n stars? Seriously, the guy probably has some type of unknown VD. Of course his ex is still looking hawt!

  2. Billy Quizboy

    Amazing that a beautiful and accomplished woman like this would get mixed up with a guy like Woods with his rep for playing all 18 holes. I guess money cures everything.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jim – Julia was an Olympic Babe O’ The Day during the Vancouver Games, and she was not well-received here. But, potato, potato.

    Jim – There was. I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on.

    Billy – It also puts her back in the news. Win/win.

  4. Jon Brooks

    Twin peaks and still in her 20′s. Maybe his life will turn into a 2 1/2 men episode of trying to keep up with her. Nah then he’ll just end up taking Morgan Fairchild home.

  5. murphy

    “This is what we men call “a good get.”

    We do?

    Right…..ah good get,…..yes….good a good get. OK

  6. Robbie

    Funny how all the papers were reporting he was trying to pay Elin into marrying him again. I would have hoped that Lindsey would have better taste. As for his interest in white woman ? Wasn’t his Momma white ? They say men look for their mothers in their choice of women.

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