F35 Joint Strike FighterEggheads at Lockheed Martin have found a tiny “issue” with the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

It’s not cleared to fly in bad weather.

It’s considered to be the world’s most sophisticated super-fighter jet, but Britain’s new £150 million combat aircraft has been banned from flying in bad weather for fears it could explode. Engineers working on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have found the jet’s fuel tank could explode if hit by lightning.

According to reports, the aircraft, which is hoped to enter service for both the RAF and the Royal Navy in five years’ time, has also been made more vulnerable to enemy attack than the aircraft it is set to replace, after its weight was reduced in an attempt to increase fuel efficiency.

So, what’s the problem? We’ll just start all our wars on bright, sunshiny days! Besides, the government has top men working on it now. Top. Men.

9 thoughts on “Thunderstruck

  1. Bob G.

    Now THAT amazes me, because aircraft builders SHOULD have tekne care of that from the start.
    Guess they’re NOT going to sweat that “alternate engine” purchase they were othering with now, hmm?
    (good to know we DO have such “top…men” on this.

    Stay safe out there.

  2. realwest

    I realize, Wyatt, that you got your news about the F-35 from a British newspaper, but really, the idea that the F-35 is “considered to be the world’s most sophisticated super-fighter jet” is truly laughable.
    It is a VAST improvement over the Harrier Jump Jet which now stands as Britain’s top fighter, but really, the U.S. F-22 Raptor is more stealthy, can fly at least twice as fast as the F-35 and has beaten (in mock tests, of course) the U.S. F-15. Two F-22′s totally wiped out the 16 F-15′s they fought against, with no damage at all to the F-22. Mind you the F-15 has NEVER been beaten in a real dog fight, but the pilots all said that they had been “killed” before they even knew the F-22 was around!
    The F-35 is a valiant attempt to produce a Premium Fighter, who’s primary role was, when designed, to be a ground support fighter. Nonetheless, it was designed by an international committee and, well, I’m surprised that the only major problem found with the F-35 was that it couldn’t fly within 25 miles of lighting storms. Oh and that the “Tail Hook” on the last design go around was too small to enable it to land on aircraft carriers. Yep, designed by an INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE.

  3. Dr. Evil

    I thought the F-35 was essentially an F-22 sans the stealth technology, but with the addition of being VToL capable (thus negating any problems with a tail hook while landing).

    Am I immensely WRONG?

    Sadly, the F-22 is nothing but eye candy. There is nothing on Earth that can possibly stand up to it. It’s fantastic…but uneccessary. Other militarys can’t stand up to the retired F-14…why is the F-22 even needed? Although it is freaking awesome and a tribute to American might.

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Bob G. – You’d think, right?

    Real – Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, Obama nixed the F-22 program. So maybe the F-35 is all we have to look forward to.

    Ingineer66 – “Zoom zoom!”

    Dr. Evil – So the F-22 is the aircraft version of Megan Fox?

    1. realwest

      Hey Wyatt, he sure did cancel it. Bu we have at least 10-12 operational squadrons of F-22′s which are commonly called “5th Generation Fighters”. Right now we are the ONLY Nation with a fully operational, ready to ROCK 5th generation fighter. But China is close to having one, as is Russia. That means we still have 3 years or so to FIX the damned F-35 and perfect it, and, if need be and “cooler heads prevail” add several squadrons (16 aircraft operational each) of F-22′s. Everyone knows that to win anything other than a nuclear war, you MUST control the skies. And I’m an old grunt, an infantryman and I say that without reservation.
      We are gonna be in a world of hurt if Obama tries to make the F-35 what it was NEVER designed to be: a 5th Generation Air superiority fighter.

  5. Jim Scrummy

    Well the problem with the F-35 is that it’s the “jack of all trades”, and master of none. Originally, it was suppose to replace the F-16 and A-10 (they RULE!), but when the Navy canceled the A-12 (suppose to replace the A-6), mission creep set in. Then the Marines needed a replacement for the AV-8B and F/A-18ABCD, now more mission creep. Plus since there is only about 160 active F-22′s, the F-35 has to take on more of a air superiority mission, which it really isn’t designed to do. It can dogfight, but not as well as a F-22. What amazes me, according to a friend who’s a retired USAF Command Pilot, any plane is vulnerable to a lightning strike and going down. The lightning has to strike it in the right spot of course.

  6. Jon Brooks

    This could be disinformation so we can first strike in a thunderstorm.

    Jus kiddin. Jus Kiddin.

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