The Worst Story You’ll Read This Week

Martin De Porres SchoolLost in all of the post-Newtown gun violence hysteria is the fact that violence happens in our schools every . . . single . . . day. In Philly, we deal with drugs, assaults, and weapon possessions.

Other schools deal with much, much worse.

A mentally challenged 15-year-old New York girl endured a brutal gang rape as she was trapped beneath her desk by two boys with her teacher only feet away, alleges a lawsuit.

The special needs student, identified only by the initials K.J., was allegedly sexually assaulted for 10 minutes as another student ‘hit her on the head whenever she tried to escape,’ during a science class at Martin De Porres Academy in Elmont, N.Y.

The girl’s mother, who filed the suit, alleged that the teacher ignored the assault even as one student danced on the desk while another attempted to sodomize K.J.

It’s interesting how stories like this never come up during Teacher’s Union rallies.

8 thoughts on “The Worst Story You’ll Read This Week

  1. realwest

    Howdy Wyatt – I’d be pleased if this was the Worst story I read ALL YEAR.
    I truly hope that the Teacher get arrested and prosecuted for being an accomplice during the commission of this crime and if the principal get prosecuted for being an accomplice after the fact.
    Of course, the boys who raped this girl IN THE CLASSROOM WHILE THE TEACHER DID NOTHING, should spend as much time behind bars as the law permits.

  2. Dr. Evil

    Are Ghost Rider the Punisher real yet? If not, can I be Ghost Rider, and drive a hearse instead of a bike?

    Someone needs to get medieval on their asses!

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jenn – Every one of those predators should spent the rest of their natural lives in prison. The teacher, too.

    USAdmiral – This is what America has become. Teachers sitting by while kids rape a mentally challenged student. Animals shooting up a school. Occupiers. The country is going to Hell, and we’re letting it happen. Maybe I’m getting old, but I prefer the America of my youth, where people like this wouldn’t dare try something this despicable, lest they be on the receiving of a brutal beating.

    We don’t, as a society, police ourselves anymore. That will be our downfall.

    Real – The teacher was fired. Who cares? The teacher should be arrested and prosecuted.

    Ferrell – Read my above comment to USAdmiral.

    Old NFO – We should also get the teacher’s name and publicize it (and a photo) to the world. Public shunning.

    Dr. Evil – These animals can never be punished enough.

  4. Bob G.

    Wyatt (et al):
    THIS is exactly the type of thing that WILL happen whenever you try and “mainstream” everyone into ONE educational system.
    Doesn’t work.

    The SPEC EDs used to go to a SPECIAL school back in my day.
    They were taught by teachers schooled in SPECIAL ED students. And no one bothered them there.
    As for the asshat bad apples?
    What few we DID have…well, THEY had THEIR OWN SCHOOL…outside of the normal Philly School system.
    And they had a LOT tougher time with THOSE teachers…was run like a GULAG and those kids towed the mark DAMN fast.
    And THOSE programs worked.
    That way, we never suffered ANY of the crap that goes on daily in ALL the schools…everywhere.
    Wifey teaches high school here in Indiana, and the stories she can tell…it’s amazing ANYONE gets ANY education. But it does explain failing test scores with inattentive and chronically-disruptive students.
    We call them EDUCATORS for a reason, and that’s also WHY we have people called POLICE OFFICERS…and never the twain shall meet, right?

    Roll safe out there.

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