The Incredible Hulk

Rusted Taurus Pistol

The local “journalists” are lauding the turnout of a Trenton gun buy back program. The program was necessary . . . for the children.

The Trenton gun buyback surpassed one in Camden in December that netted more than 1,100 weapons. Mercer County residents received $25 to $250 for each firearm depending on type, condition and legality.

About $100,000 was budgeted but because of the huge turnout, the amount spent is expected to be well over double that. Some participants were given vouchers after money ran out Saturday.

Let me break this article down for you, shotgun style. When Philadelphia unleashes one of these programs, detectives – such as myself – are given the responsibility of logging in the guns and checking their status (owner, whether it was reported stolen, etc.). After doing this a few times a year for almost eight years, I can tell you with surety that nearly 80-85% of these weapons are rusted hulks like the pistol shown above . . .

Now ask yourself a question. Why would someone turn in a decent, working gun when they can either sell it to a dealer (if they’re law-abiding), or sell it to a fellow hood rat (if they’re a thug)? They wouldn’t, and that’s the point.

Now, I realize the gun buy back program is a necessary evil, but it is usually one of those feel-good plans liberals use to tell themselves they’re making a difference on the streets.

I can assure you. They’re not.

14 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk

  1. Jon Brooks

    So thats what happened to my old .45 .

    Seriously though, how can a hoodie aim down the light glint on the side of the slide when its all rusty like that? Seriously though, did they go back to where they buried the body and dig that up?

  2. Robert B.

    I like the result of the buyback in Seattle the other day: the police had their booth set up under a bridge, with a line of people waiting their turn to get a gift card. Some local dealers/collectors set up their own booths nearby, and a LOT of the people selling their guns went over there to get a better deal than the police were giving. And the polce ran out of gift cards and started giving out “I.O.U.s”, when that happened EVERYONE went to the private citizens to sell their weapons.

    A well thought out plan, right?

  3. Veeshir

    I hate the very name of the program.

    It’s not a “buy back” program, unless you feel the gov’t owns everything and just lets us use it for a while.

  4. Ferrell Gummitt

    Chicago has a gun buy back program as well.

    Rahm Emmanuel is also pressuring the banks in town to not give loans to the gun makers.

    Not sure if all of this is working as of this morning Chicago has 40 homicides and is projected to have 45 by the end of the month – A NEW RECORD for January.

  5. Jim Scrummy

    I know that gun “buyback” programs help local gunsmiths and gun dealers get rid of their crappy/junk firearms. Another liberal fail of course. But we have to do something…?

  6. Deputy Polarbear

    Yet another of thousands of government programs that need to be immediately eliminated.

    Buybacks are nothing but a scam, and at least out here in LA, it is a fine and dandy way to get rid of evidence….due to the no questions asked, and the complete lack of checking any of the firearms to see if they were stolen or used in a murder ect.

    I hope every city that does these programs is bankrupted by the cost of ‘doing it for the chiiiiiiiiiiiilrreeeen’

  7. Dr. Evil

    When I envision this all I can see is Rick and Old Man from Pawn Stars:

    Rick: “Well your gun is in in proper working order, and is classic…”
    Old man: “Don’t give him Chumley for it…”

    Rick: “I’ll give ya like…an ounce for it.”
    Old Man: “Oh My God.”

  8. loaded dice in vegas

    A downstate Illinois shooting club collected 3 or 4 truckloads of junk guns (most like the above .45) and brought them to Chicago for a buy back. After they cashed in they had enough money to run their club for many, many moons.

    I love it when a plan comes together………………

  9. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jon – I processed a .22 revolver that was almost as bad as that a few years ago. But hey, the guy got his money.

    Robert B. – I just don’t understand why they would turn them in to us if they could get better money for it elsewhere.

    Veeshir – And if they truly “buy back,” you’d get the estimated value of the gun, not a coupon for Stuckey’s.

    Ferrell – But how can that be? Guns are BANNED in Chicago.

    Jim – “If it makes just one politician feel better . . . ”

    DP – We actually run them through NCIC/PCIC first, but try making charges stick on the guy who turned in a flagged gun.

    Dr. Evil – We’re pretty much like that . . . with more snark.

    LDIV – Sometimes the system works.

  10. Indiana Ed

    We had one of those awhile back too. What happened was very similar to what Loaded Dice said happened in his neck of the woods. Every dealer in Indy brought in every piece of worthless garbage they had lying around to get them off their shelves and make a buck. Of course when time came to publicize the “success” of the effort we saw pictures in the paper of a table full of AR-15s, AKs and (I wish I was making this up) suppressed MAC 10s. If I was a cynical man I would say that some of the top cops raided their personal collections for photographic purposes :P

  11. TonyF

    I keep waiting for one in my area. I have a similar pistol I’ve been saving for ages to make a few bucks off such a scam. I wouldn’t shoot if my life depended on it. One of these days…

  12. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Indiana Ed – Not out of the question. Drudge had a story about a program in Chicago that displayed guns from a year prior. Quoted them as being recovered that day.

    TonyF – Might as well take the benefits they’re giving. Lord knows the libs do it.

  13. Bob G.

    This is all a colossal waste of time, energy and money (imho).
    At least those “buy-backs” in Seattle had competition – ITHER (gun) people were handing out CASH (and free cookies and donuts) to those not wanting to turn in their guns to police (and have them destroyed)…
    Hey, I like donuts!
    Sign me up!

    And be thankful not one STINGER launch tube showed up ih Philly…(yet).
    That’s probably next week, the way the FEDS monitor themselves and their surplus inventory!
    Where’s Charlie Bronson when you NEED him?

    Roll safe out there.

  14. He Said His Telephone Number Was 911

    I see they bought an inert AT-4 Rocket Launcher training prop for $250. And B-B guns?

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