The Grateful Dead

Fredrik Hjelmquist Rock And Roll CoffinYou know, just because you’ve left your Earthly body doesn’t mean you can’t rock out to your favorite tunes afterward.

That’s the plan of Swedish meatball Fredrik Hjelmquist, inventor of the rock & roll coffin.

A Swedish man has designed a coffin with built-in speakers linked to a music playlist that can be updated by the living.

Music and video equipment store owner Fredrik Hjelmquist said his hi-fi coffin would entertain the dead and provide solace for grieving friends and relatives by making it possible for them to alter the deceased’s playlist online.

The price tag is a hefty 199,000 Swedish crowns ($30,700).

The coffins should be hard-wired for rap only. It’s about time we buried that genre forever.

11 thoughts on “The Grateful Dead

  1. AjdShootist

    As a friend put it “RAP MUSIC” Over rated poetry put to a beat.
    My comment is that its spelt wrongly its “Crap Music”.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    AjdShootist – Early rap – Run DMC, The Fat Boys – was great. The garbage they throw out now? Not so much.

    Dr. Evil – And all things Kardashian.

    Old NFO – Bad idea. Only because the beer will eventually go flat. :)

  3. Bob G.

    I;m with AdjS here…it’s TOTALLY (c)rap..!
    With time…came garbage.
    Sorry, but I nver liked it from the get-go.

    But I DO like those “classic car” coffins.
    Hell, a simple PHOTON TORPEDO capsule will work for me…!


    Roll safe out there.

  4. Ferrell Gummitt

    Actually this is not a surprise if you can be buried in a Tennessee Volunteer or Penn State Nittany Lion casket, how can a casket that blasts music for eternity be that far away?

  5. Veeshir

    Yeah, but what if your friends are assholes?

    My friends would put on some Madonna or Beyonce tune and set it for “repeat”.

    I’d much rather have the cord to a bell in case they buried me alive.

  6. JT

    For someone like Ted Williams, who was cryogenically frozen, so that he could come back and play some day like Frosty the Snowman after they came up with a cure for what kilt him, but then his son decided it was too costly so they lopped off his head and now only THAT’S frozen, he would only need headphones and not speakers.

    Unless of course, Ted Jr. decided to further cut expenses by having Ted Sr.’s ears, nose, hair and lips removed and sold on E-Bay.

    I think if Ted Williams was able to come back again and swing the bat, the first thing he would be swinging at is Ted Jr.

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