Taylor-Made For Staring

Taylor Swift Plunging White DressI’ve got a confession to make: I really like Taylor Swift.

Yes, I know she can be really annoying. Yes, I know she’s a serial dater. But when she wears outfits like these, I develop a severe case of shirt-term memory:

Ever since [Taylor Swift] split up from One Direction’s Harry Styles, the country songbird has been experimenting with a more sultry style.

And Taylor continued with her mature makeover at the 40 Principales Awards in Madrid, Spain, on Thursday night, wearing an incredibly daring white plunging minidress. She wore it confidently too, standing with hands on her hips as if to show the revealing plunge more clearly.

And I love that about her! (I denounce myself.)

8 thoughts on “Taylor-Made For Staring

  1. L Frame S&W

    Wyatt, It’s kinda fake, if you look at her neckline (try!!!) you can see where the center part is actually something clear, and both sides are fastened securely together. It’s not actually open to her navel :+( and wouldn’t move enough to show a nip-slip.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    Taylor of Wyomissing/Reading, PA? She’s cute with a nice butt and legs, and can sing. Kinda meh to me (everyone has different tastes). But the smartest thing she did was getting the hell away from the Kennedy’s! They destroy their women in a physical, emotional, intellectually, and any other way. They truly are an evil family, and catholic in name only (CINOs).

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