Suffragette City

Obama And His Good Ol BoysBarack Obama portrays himself as the champion of the people. Women, especially. Judging by this Flickr photo, however, Obama believes in women’s suffer-age.

If anything, it solidifies the comparisons to Lincoln; since women were seen and not heard in his time, too.

But, War on Women! Or something.

The White House’s Flickr account recently released a photo of President Barack Obama and his top advisers. The complete absence of women in the image is another reminder that females are underrepresented in Obama’s staff.

Additionally, the president still pays his female employees significantly less than their male counterparts.

The Obama White House in 2011 paid female staffers 18 percent less than their male colleagues. The Obama reelection campaign, though better, was also a bastion of inequality. The annualized pay difference is more than $2,100 per year.

Apparently the administration is also conducting a war on blacks and Hispanics, because there is a whole lotta white going on in that photo.

8 thoughts on “Suffragette City

  1. realwest

    That Photo is misleading Wyatt – Valerie Jarrett is THE adviser to the POTUS that Obama respects and listens to the most. Rumor has it (from good sources) that Obama was in the Oval Office with her as she argued constantly to NOT go get bin Laden – she had him cancel 3 other opportunities before he finally prevailed and told Panetta to green light the mission.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    Have you seen the dhimmis women? Most are all hags.

    Ahhhhh, income inequality in the WH? Color me not so unsurprised. It’s also nice to have an “Iranian” (she was born there) in the WH, with ratface Valerie.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Old NFO – But Romney didn’t get elected in part because he had “binders full of women.” Or something.

    Veeshir – But, but, they have Al Sharpton now!

    LDIV – Or didn’t want to make less than their male counterparts in the administration.

    Rick – No kiddding.

    Proof – She’ll get a well-deserved slap on the ass when she returns in lieu of pay.

    Real – Obama would take orders from a woman? But he’s such an alpha male! /snark

    Jim – Not to mention those pesky “concussions” that the womenfolk always suffer there.

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