Sterling’s Back!

Archer Served Positive Pregnancy Test

ABOVE THE POST UPDATE: Epic episode tonight, with hat tips to Bob’s Burgers and The Bourne Identity.

The fourth season of Archer, the funniest show on television, premieres tonight at 10pm on FX.

In honor of this special occasion, you might want to bone up on your nicknames . . .

Aaaaand . . . GO!

4 thoughts on “Sterling’s Back!

  1. Dr. Evil

    Fister Roboto! Kreger by far my favorite on the show!
    Kreger: “Push that red button.”
    Archer: “It won’t kill everyone will it?”
    Kreger: “…Push that blue button.”

  2. Richard D.

    Awesome episode last night! Laughed til it hurt. The Bob’s Burger tie in was absolutely brilliant. The gag about Cheryl/Carol eating a whole bag of ‘fortified’ gummy bears had me laughing till I cried. I knew in advance, no good would come of it. The writers of the show are downright evil. The good kind of evil. If you know what I mean.

    Dr. Evil, we are both Kreger fans. I like the implication that he’s one of the “boys from Brazil’. Delightfully silly.

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