Sooey, That’s A Close Shave!

J&Ds Bacon Shaving CreamGuys say you are scheduled for an important job interview. You want to look your best, right?

Now, you can look your best AND smell like bacon throughout the day.

Job? Landed.

We all know that while there are many fine fragrances out there, few can begin to compare to the perfection of bacon. Now you can wear that scent proudly by working up a rich lather of Bacon Shaving Cream ($15). Crafted by the bacon masters at J&D’s, this high-end cream includes moisturizers and essential oils to leave your skin feeling great and heat-activated aromatic technology to ensure that you smell like wonderful, glorious bacon for hours.

Looks like the good people at J&D’s went whole hog for this product.

5 thoughts on “Sooey, That’s A Close Shave!

  1. Dr. Evil

    I have a new secret weapon when picking up tonzos at 1:15 AM! (Yeah 1:15…go early at the bar and beat the 1:50 rush I always says)

  2. DocRambo

    I understand it is doing so well, that the company is bringing out a Muslim version that smells like the north end of a southbound donkey!

  3. Veeshir

    Talk about marketing fail.
    That shoud be used by women for the bikini line.
    Guys might keep doing…uhhhhh…. you know, much longer if it tasted like bacon.

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Robert B – Unless his house is a pig sty.

    Dr. Evil – You look so much better to them after last call.

    Doc – Or sheep wool . . .

    Veeshir – I am forwarding your idea to them immediately!

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