Poor Barack’s Almanac

Obama Swimming While The Economy Burns

Does anyone even care about unemployment numbers now that the elections are over?

Government unemployment numbers for December showed that while the general unemployment rate remained flat at 7.8 percent, unemployment for women and African-Americans rose despite an economy that created 155,000 jobs.

Unemployment for women rose to 7.3 percent in December from 7.0 percent while the rate for African-Americans rose sharply to 14.0 percent from 13.2 percent in November.

Unemployment among African Americans has remained quite high throughout the sluggish economic recovery of the past several years, despite the steady decline in overall unemployment in the economy generally.

Obama won roughly 93 percent of the black vote this time, as well as a majority of the women’s vote. I have no sympathy for them. None.

You voted for this. Own it.

12 thoughts on “Poor Barack’s Almanac

  1. Jack Rackim

    I agree 100%. The low information voters and those that just take voted for the empty suit. They own it. Live with it.
    What makes me laugh even more is that the mbm either just reports it or tries to make the number seem okay.
    I think a large number of his voters think he is going to give them more free “stuff”.

  2. Dannytheman

    When people find that their job making $30,000 dollars a year doesn’t allow them to live as well as a person not working on the government payroll, they start stepping down and join the freebie crowd.

    Shameful but true. I used $30,000. but there are figures out there that show you can go up past $50,000 and still be living worse.

    I fought my ass of to defeat this administration last year. I am now convinced that there are way more stupid people out there than I ever suspected. I idealistically kept thinking, “People are smarter than this!”
    I admit and shamefully must state I was wrong.

    1. realwest

      Hey Dannytheman – I – as did you – worked my ass off to get Romney elected. But while it is TEMPTING to say the least, to blame the black and women voters, the unfortunate fact for us is that some 3 MILLION registered Republicans couldn’t be bothered to get off their asses and vote, not even with early voting or absentee ballot. I reckon Romney wasn’t “conservative enough” for them.

      And let us NOT give the MSM a pass here either: Don’t forget that “Mother Jones” magazine or newspaper or whatever on line had that video of Romney talking about the 47% since June and didn’t disclose it until September (that Romney actually said “When I talk tax policies, 47% of the voters who don’t pay ANY taxes tune me right out; they don’t pay taxes and tax policy is NOT something they want to hear about” was lost both on Mother Jones and on ABC, CBS and NBC as well).
      And, of course, most low information voters (who get their news from TV’s big 3) never heard much AT ALL about Benghazi until after the election and the same is true of Fast and Furious and they only heard about Fast and Furious when they HAD to report that AG Holder had been cited for criminal and civil contempt.

  3. loaded dice in vegas

    To simply answer your query, “NO”.
    Potus doesn’t care he’s got 4 more years.
    Congress doesn’t care they’ve got at least 2 more years.
    We are seriously thinking of taking ourselves off the voter rolls.

  4. Old NFO

    Nov/Dec numbers always skew high due to seasonal hiring… You really want to watch the Feb/Mar numbers to see where the hit is; I’m betting it will be well over 8% again.

  5. Jim Scrummy

    My sympathy and empathy lights went out on 11/6/2012 around 11 PM EST. I don’t care if some poor little college graduate with a BA in some bs major, who voted for zero, can’t find a job other than Mickey D’s or being a barrista. Nope, I have my own family to worry about, and my children will know the difference between good and evil. They will know the difference between freedom/independence and dependence/tyranny. I feel nothing for the people who voted for zero, and lose their jobs, nothing. You wanted this, you own the consequences. Life is a beotch at times. I will gladly help individuals who may need my help, and who didn’t vote for zero. I already have in the last month. Zero wanted class warfare, well consider it declared for the next 4 years.

  6. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jack – I hope he does give out more freebies to the takers. This is not satire. The more freebies he gives out, the sooner the collapse. Let it burn.

    Danny – We all were wrong. People wanted more spending, more debt, and more free sh*t. Frak them. Personally, I loved reading the reactions of the Obamabots from Friday.

    Real – Not to worry, Benghazi will be front center any moment now. Bawahahahahaha!

    LDIV – Do what I’m going to do: Never vote for an incumbent Republican again. Institute your own form of term limits. Toomey won’t get my vote next time. I’ll leave the slot blank, or write someone in.

    Old NFO – That’s the problem. Larry Kudlow and other financial pundits said the trouble is that the numbers were so low during the seasonal hiring months. Said it’s a really bad sign.

    Jim – The best part? Even those who lost jobs under Obama voted for him again, or will vote for the Democrat in 2016.

    1. realwest

      Hey Wyatt – I know how you feel and your PERSONAL form of Term Limits is a good idea EXCEPT THAT, bad though the Republicans have been in Congress, NOT voting for them means only that Obama gets free reign for his last two years – and remember what happened when he had control of both The Senate and the House? Does Obama Care ring any bells?!!!

      I would personally counter with voting for any Republican for anything as long as I think they’ll at least make an effort to stop or at least slow down Obama.

  7. formwiz

    As I’ve said, I think the Lefties stole the election, but all the low-intelligence voters (and that’s what they really are) that think he’s “cool” (mostly because he’s half black) who went for him not only get the unemployment, but the higher taxes (the articles about how many Obamatrons turn out to be part of the hated “rich” are only beginning).

    Some people are going to have a longer 4 years than others.

  8. Jim Scrummy

    I’ve been reading over at Twitchy all the zero voters unhappy with their paychecks….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA. I am not surprised how stupid people are today. Many have voter’s remorse and want a do over. Sorry we’re stuck with zero for 4 more years, along with unemployment probably hovering in the 8% or higher range. I feel nothing for all zero voters, nothing. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in stupidville and have to deal with a majority of zero voters where I live and work.

  9. Bob G.

    The only that bothers me (and should bother evryone else) is that Obama “claims” he created 4-5 MILLION jobs…
    (pause for effect – pretty good stat)

    BUT…(other shoe dropping time)…we ALSO saw welfare GROW about 2-3 times from what it was in 2008!
    (clearly, a “WTF???” moment)

    So…if we have ALL these jobs, why are there SO many more people on the dole?
    Something ain’t adding up here.

    Roll safe out there.

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