My Little Toney

Tella Tony Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Contestant

An Indiana woman wants to stop slinging hash and start showing her . . .

A pretty girl from humble beginnings has become the focus of an online cheerleading competition,. where judges allow vote winners to audition for the Indianapolis Colts squad.

Tella Toney, 20, currently works as a lunch server at Southridge High School in Huntingburg, but she is hoping to join the Colts by winning winning the online competition.

The judges will allow the top ten vote-winners to audition to be a Colts cheerleader in March – she currently leads with 5,300 votes. Demi Z, in second place, has 4,325 votes.

Call me old-fashioned, but I want my lunch-ladies to dress in the classical fashion.

9 thoughts on “My Little Toney

  1. realwest

    Well she sure didn’t do herself any favors by wearing a “Raiders” sweat shirt!
    (yes, I know those aren’t The Raiders colors, but still………………….).

  2. Jon Brooks

    Not that I’m looking to closely at the photo or anything but look down by her belly button.
    Is that a gargantuan “outee” or her thumb?

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Ferrell – Now if she could only catch passes . . .

    Real – Raiders cheerleaders must have a criminal record before being hired. Zing!

    Jon – Aargh! I hope it’s a thumb!

    John D – Leave her alone! She grew up in Chernobyl.

  4. Picky

    The lunch ladies in my high school were very “lunch-lady-like.” One of them was actually so frightening that you cringed whenever you saw her. I would post a photo from my old yearbook, but I’m afraid the internet would break.

  5. Billly Quizboy

    If I was in her highschool I’d be online 8 hours a day downvoting her on that competition. No way she’s leaving.

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