Murder By Numbers

StatsThis burns me to no end.

The graphic on the left was taken from the Philadelphia Police Department’s official website. It boasts 2012′s “Year-End Totals.”

They’re wrong. They’re off by a half-dozen.

The 331st homicide occurred on Christmas Eve on Whitaker Avenue in the 2nd District. The 337th – and presumably, final homicide – occurred on December 29th on Akron Street in the 15th District.

The worst part of this is that, six years on, they are still comparing numbers to the uber-violent 2007. (That was probably the last truly accurate number posted.) Hell, there is barely enough room on the page to fit that year in the graphic!

So, who are they trying to snow here? The mayor knows the real numbers, as does city council, and the upper echelon of the department. They’re obviously okay with Commissioner Ramsey’s handling of the violence here, so why the shenanigans? Is it for the benefit of the media? They know the real numbers, and are covering for the administration, anyway.

The rubes citizens probably don’t know the actual numbers, but they don’t care, so why should the department? If nothing else, fudging the numbers is an insult to those victims. Apparently they’re brutal deaths don’t count.

This is what this country has come to. No one takes responsibility anymore, no one gives a frak, and no one strives toward a decent work ethic.


6 thoughts on “Murder By Numbers

  1. loaded dice in vegas

    They’re politicians. They can’t move their lips without lying.
    Damn them all to perdition.

  2. L Frame S&W

    What I can’t figure out is why such a little change? I mean dropping 6 off 337 shows what? (it’s less than a 2% change) Does it make a demographic change, like dropping murders per capita by a significant digit? I mean really, if you’re going to lie about it, why not hide 38, and bring the total under 300. Is there some other demographic to the missing 6 homicides? Maybe they are all the cases of blacks killing whites, or some other thing that the powers that be want to hide?


  3. Jim Scrummy

    When did that worthless hack Ramsey become the Chef? Yes, he’s worthless, he did jack for DC. His no. 2 did all the work and then left halfway thru Ramsey’s reign of error to become the Chef of Capitol Police or Sgt of Arms (can’t remember exactly which job came first). When Fenty became mayor he couldn’t get rid of Ramsey fast enough.

    Anyway, from the chart it seems a slow steady drip increase of murders has been occurring since 2009? At least Philly isn’t Caponetown with their 500 murders, 60 of which were children. Rahmbo is doing a bang up job there, along with the Illinois legislature. My over/under for murders in Chitown is 501, for 2013? I’ll take the over if the Illinois legislature goes full retard (can I say retard or should I say raytard for PC standards?), with their anti-2nd Amendment legislation.

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Dr. Evil – Because brutish thugs with the right ethnic background are more desirable to the PPD than people with a brain.

    LDIV – Perdition being the seventh level of Hell?

    L Frame – Probably because he’s hiding about 160 more. They’re labeled “suspicious,” but are still being handled by the Homicide Division. I figured he didn’t want to push his luck with the site numbers, too.

    Jim – Homicides have risen every year since he was appointed. Interesting, huh?

    1. L Frame S&W

      Be honest here, if he is hiding ~160 more, what does your “street sense” say about them?
      I mean really, finding someone dead in bed, with an empty pill bottle next to them, and a glass half full of some liquid might suggest a suicide.
      Someone shot five times, however, is indicative of someone other than the victim “helping” them to shuffle off this mortal coil.
      A victim with multiple stab wounds might suggest a nutcase who had the wherewithal to do themselves in no matter how much it hurt, but somehow, I think most humans would stop stabbing themselves after the first one, but that’s just me, ya know.
      Never mind what the brass says, what do the men and women on the front lines say about these 160 “suspicious” deaths say?

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