More Carats Than A Bugs Bunny Cartoon

Jason Trawick and Britney SpearsBritney Spears split from her fiance this weekend. Now normally, that wouldn’t warrant space on the blog, but when I read about her engagement ring, I had to snark about it. That is, after my brain aneurysm subsided.

Apparently this Jason Trawick guy – of whom I’ve never heard – gave Britney a $90,000, 3.5 carat diamond. For. Britney. Spears.

I’m sorry; Britney is hot and all, but she’s been around the block a few times, went batsh*t insane a few more times, and has failed at life more than a few times.

Britney Spears split from her fiance Jason Trawick was confirmed yesterday, and now it’s been revealed that she’s already returned her $90,000 engagement ring. Spears, 31, returned the 3.5 carat Neil Lane ring of her own volition as Jason had not asked for it back.

They also quash rumors that Britney bought the ring herself; it was owned lock, stock and barrel by Jason.

Under California law, the ring must be returned unless the man called the engagement off… as Britney and Jason mutually agreed to part, the singer is doing the right thing.

$90,000. Why not spend your money on something more useful; like dial-up internet?

13 thoughts on “More Carats Than A Bugs Bunny Cartoon

  1. Jon Brooks

    Obviously Jason Tarwick is not taxed enough. Why the gall! Skewing our socialist utopia we live in to the right. How dare he!

  2. Dr. Evil

    At least the walking pin cushion did the right thing here. Unlike that fellow California (and) horrible tribe of Hutts, the Kardashians.

    1. loaded dice in vegas


      I bow in the presence of a master……..

      Now I have to clean up the monitor……..


  3. realwest

    Howdy Wyatt!! I tried looking up Jason Trawick in Wikipedia, since I don’t know much and care a lot less about Brittany Spears, I figured maybe I could find out something about this guy.
    Wiki redirected me to: Brittany Spears. Seriously, I searched for Jason Trawick and got redirected to HER Wiki page.
    Man, give a girl a $90K ring and you don’t even merit an acknowledgement or your own biography?!?

  4. AndyN

    You’re looking at it the wrong way – $90k plus half of everything you own to buy a used model with a lot of hard miles on it would obviously be an unsound investment, but $90k as a fully refundable deposit for an extended test drive isn’t all that unreasonable..

  5. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Dr. Evil – In fairness, unlike the Kardashians, Jabba the Hutt has some redeeming qualities.

    Real – You’d probably find the same thing for Britney’s ex – Kevin Federline.

    AndyN – Fantastic point. I never considered the “test drive” aspect.

  6. Jim Scrummy

    Well at least she called it off to go skank around some more in Hollyweird. She does have a smidge of talent, but you hear that Brit…tick tock tick tock…your 15 minutes is coming to a close. Enjoy pr0n.

  7. dave

    They split over having kids? For the record i would try and knock her up 50 times a day everyday, then just sit back and enjoy being a kept man and raising kids, plus there’s no way she doesn’t bring background dancer chicks home for some extra action. Thats win,win,win if you ask me.

  8. Bob G.

    Hell, for $90K. you can get a LOT of really NICE things…
    A used Aston-Martin (has fewer miles on it than Britney)
    or…A new Cadillac
    or…Some really SWEET M4 carbines and accessories.
    or…TONS of ammo!
    or…A nice size bunker
    or…Lifetime membership to the NRA
    …And STILL have plenty of folding money for a stop at Geno’s or Pat’s, and then a water ice & bag of soft pretzels.
    C’mon now…

    Roll safe out there.

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