It’s Like Taking The Football Out Of The NFL

Lingerie Football League

The Lingerie Football League is doing away with its most important feature.

In a move sure to polarize fans of what is billed as the “Nation’s fasted growing sports league,” the Lingerie Football League has announced plans to rename itself the “Legends Football League.” As part of the move, the LFL will be ditching the thing that made the league noteworthy in the first place: lingerie.

The league announced the change in a press release this afternoon. Other changes include new team logos absent of “sexy female figures,” redesigned shoulder pads to increase protection, and changing their slogan from “True Fantasy Football” to “Women of the Gridiron.”

So they’re changing their target audience from men to lesbians. Good luck with that.

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    Could someone please tell me how I missed an entire sport titled “Lingerie Football?” Now they’ve rebranded it, and I feel left out because I never got to see the original brand. This isn’t some cosmic joke that I’m missing, is it?

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