Is That The World Cup In Your Pocket…

David Beckham HM UnderwearOr are you just hung like a moose?

David Beckham, a man now more famous for showing off his junk mail than for scoring goals, has been shooting an underwear commercial with a renowned Hollywood director. Because, you know, Hollywood has been pumping out nothing but fantastic,highly-watchable films recently.

Football ace, model, style icon, father-of-four: David Beckham has quite an impressive CV for someone who hasn’t even reached 40. And his success (and half-naked modeling gigs) show no sign of abating judging by a sneak peek of his latest H&M underwear campaign.

This preview, unveiled by high-street store H&M, shows the 37-year-old filming his new campaign video for the label, which has been shot by none other than fellow A-lister Guy Ritchie.

You’d think the director of Snatch would be directing women’s underwear ads.

5 thoughts on “Is That The World Cup In Your Pocket…

  1. Dr. Evil

    Sadly Wyatt, that unsettling crotch pheasant Michael Bay (repeat raper of my childhood heroes), owns the ladies’ under garment market. Shoots most of Victoria Secret ads, I hope he shoots self.

  2. John D

    Mr. Ritchie needs to get his butt (and camera) out of the underwear aisle, and get busy directing the next Sherlock Holmes movie with RD Jr.

  3. Jim Scrummy

    When has Beckham been good at soccer over the last 5-7 years? He’s been washupped for awhile. So underwear is his next gig? I guess, it’s a living? Good for him!

    Best thing that happened to Guy Ritchie is getting a divorce from that old hag Madge. Hopefully, he can start directing something of quality, again?

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