Honesty Is Such A Lonely Word

Barack Obama Hugging Sandy Victim

Remember this photo after Hurricane Sandy? Barack Obama promised this New Jersey woman that relief would be coming; and coming soon. “No bureaucracy. No red tape,” he said. Amazingly, three months later, many residents are still without heat.

Arctic air gripped parts of the United States on Thursday, making life miserable for people still without heat months after superstorm Sandy and turning steam from a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania into a snowfall substantial enough to shovel.

In Brooklyn, New York, where about 200 homes slammed by Sandy in October remained without heat, “It’s just getting colder and colder,” said Doreen Greenwood-Garson, chief of the Gerritsen Beach Fire Department.

The volunteer department has loaded its ambulance with donated space heaters and free hot meals and delivered them to shut-ins. Already it has given away a total of 60 space heaters and each night about 50 meals.

No heat, three months later, as New York and New Jersey are experiencing a snowfall. I remember the halcyon days when the media criticized Chimpy McBushHitler for the Katrina response. I don’t really pay attention to the MSM, but I assume they’re throttling the Obama administration for this, right?


14 thoughts on “Honesty Is Such A Lonely Word

  1. RogerDee

    Free press… Free to not EVEH say anything bad about Obozo. The clowns need to be boycotted. Hit ‘em in the pocketbook!!!

  2. L Frame S&W

    My honey just started a class on sociology. I was skimming her textbook, and found an interesting point: In 1983 there were 50+ different media owners, then the gub-mint changed the rules on media ownership (in 1996 I think). Today there are only 5 companies that own ALL the media in the US.
    WTF is wrong with this picture?

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Roger – Way ahead of you on that.

    Old NFO – Honest to God, I had no idea people were still without heat. That’s a friggin’ disgrace.

    L Frame – I think Clinton did that. Pretty much made media monopolies acceptable.

    Proof – I heard the woman was pretty peeved about the lack of follow-up from the administration. Who could blame her?

    1. proof

      Well, she may be freezing in the cold, but at least she knows her president is barely scraping by on lobster with crab sauce and grilled bison.

  4. loaded dice in vegas

    It’s the “Chicagoization” of the East.

    With this “dear leader”, he will bring it to a place near you.

    Friends, you ain’t seen nothing yet………………………

    God Save Us…………………

  5. realwest

    Well sure its right to blame Obama…………………and Christie. But in NY, how come no one ever seems to be complaining about Gov Andrew Cuomo – he of Presidential aspirations in 2016? How does HE skate from Media scrutiny? And the Nanny State Mayor of all Nanny Stater’s, Michael Bloomberg? Hey Mikey – Brooklyn is in the City of which you’re supposed to be the Mayor.

    I think all those named political HACKS ought to sleep in those places in Brooklyn and Staten Island and Long Island and other place over which THEY are supposed to provide PROTECTION at the least, to the citizens.
    Obama, Christie, Cuomo, Bloomberg – they ALL effin’ SKATE on this disaster. Don’t forget ‘em folks.

  6. Ingineer66

    The law used to be that one company could only own 6 TV stations in the nation. They didn’t want anybody to control the news like Randolph Hearst did. Kind of like any bank could only operate in one state. We were anti monopoly until we figured out that we had to compete against Japan Incorporated and the European Union and loosened the controls.

  7. Jim Scrummy

    Where’s the outrage? I guess zero gets a pass on this too. Really what this says is big government doesn’t work (not a news flash to me). My neighbor use to work for FEMA as a govie, best thing he did in his own words was “getting the hell outta there”. More useless burocrats taking up my valuable air supply.

  8. Ingineer66

    You nailed it Jim, just a fat bureaucracy to make us “feel” better about things. FEMA could probably have a quarter the employees and do the same job. They could then get the money to the true first responders where it should be in the first place. Kind of like the Department of Education. Way too much money goes to Administration instead of classrooms. And Obama-care is making medicine the same. More paperwork, more reports, more people to fill out reports and then read them instead of the money going to doctors and nurses and band-aids.

  9. Bob G.

    Wyatt:…And bullsh*t is a much EASIER word (or action) with “that guy”.

    The hurricane vics have been waiting HOW LONG now?
    (too damn long, imho)

    Stay safe out there.

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