Heels: Straight Up, With A Twist

Twisty High HeelsAs someone who spent his life wearing jeans and t-shirts, I never understood high fashion. Sure, I’ll class myself up now and then for special occasions – like weddings, holidays, and my fantasy hockey draft – but when I do, I’ll wear something conservative.

Women, on the other hand, tend to be more daring. Eh, maybe not this daring…

First we had backward high heels that were so awkward that the poor model could hardly walk. Now, we have high heel shoes that are all twisted up around your foot courtesy of designer Julian Hakes. It’s called the Mojito shoe, likely because you’d have to have had a few drinks before you’d think wearing these was a good idea. (H/TAoSHQ)

Okay ladies, which of you brave souls will be the first to buy a pair? You should know that these shoes will now be mandatory at any future blog meets.

8 thoughts on “Heels: Straight Up, With A Twist

  1. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Dr. Evil – And she probably looks smoking hot in them . . . Oh, I mean, my condolences. :)

    I actually figured the same thing when I saw them.

    Old NFO – They cannot possibly be comfortable.

  2. docrambo

    The First Ladies shoe I’ve seen that can triple as a sardine can opener, a wine bottle opener, and an IUD extractor! Talk about a triple threat!!

  3. Sally Anne

    I think it’s kind of clever, but doubt that I’d be able to A) afford them; B) get my Fred Flintstone feet into them; and C) walk.

    If you’re looking for me, I’ll be off buying those shoes with the individual toe spaces. Love those things.

  4. Bob G.

    OKay, anyone says we should “walk a mile in your wife’s shoes”…and then shows us THESE things…
    Well, they better have some GOOD health insurance, right?

    Roll safe.

  5. Rob

    What? No pictures of them actually being worn? Shame on you. I had to use my pervy search skillz. Besides.. they don’t look like shoes, they look like handles.

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